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Santa Fe restaurant recommendations?

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Where's the best eats in Santa Fe? What's great that's walking distance from the Plaza?
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wouldn't really be walking distance, but within 5 - 10 minutes la chosa, I would highly recommend it.

locals: is it still open? even tho' i've got friends/relatives there, haven't been in SF in about a year.
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Yeah La Choza is still open. Maria's on Cordova is the alternative and Santa Fesinos will fight over which is better. Personally, I like Guadalajara Grill down Cerrillos, but all those are a bit more than easy walking distance. If you are seeking expensive but really fine food near the Plaza, the two best restaurants are surprisingly in hotels: The Old House in the Eldorado has always had the very best food, they still have great food. But their chef went to work for Inn of the Anasazi and it will no doubt now be the best food and a very lovely atmosphere. For more casual, but full of old New Mexico ambiance, go to the atrium restaurant at La Fonda. This hotel has been around since the cowboy days and still has a lot of the feel of old New Mexico. That means it's not for everyone; some people may think it's funky, but it is real. For Italian food, there's Osteria and Il Piatto; both are very good, but not drop dead great. The stand-by tourist place is Coyote Cafe, but I think it's over rated and over priced. Better is Santa Cafe, also famous, great for outdoor dining and the calamari are terrific. For breakfast or lunch is Pasquale's. Also good for lunch is the cafe at Georgia O'Keeffe museum. Cheap lunch and good food if you like that sort of thing is the India Palace buffet. Good bar, beer and burgers and people watching is a bit of a walk to Cowgirl Hall of Fame. La Casa Sena is in easy walking from the Plaza for New Mexican food, although La Choza or Maria's are both better food. Enjoy!
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My husband and I live in Santa Fe, so our favorite restaurants go beyond only those that feature New Mexican food (which we love.) Here's a sampling of our faves, in no particular order:

1) Maria's - for New Mexican food and margaritas. Five minutes from the Plaza by car.

2) Counter Culture - Really good food at reasonable prices. Breakfast, salads & sandwiches, terrific baked goods, even dinner. Cool, casual atmosphere - you order at the counter and the food is delivered to your table. Fantastic cinnamon rolls. Off the beaten path on Baca Street, a five-minute drive from the Plaza.

3) Cafe Pasquale's - great food and atmosphere, especially for breakfast. You might call it "nouvelle New Mexican." About a block and a half from the Plaza. Expect to wait for a table.

4) MuDu Noodles - Asian restaurant serving creative meals at good prices.
On Cerillos Rd., about 5 minutes by car from Plaza.

5) Geronimo's - the best restaurant in town, if price is no object. Lunch is a more affordable, but still memorable option. On Canyon Rd.

6) Harry's Roadhouse - something for everyone. South of town on Hwy. 14, about a 20 minute drive from the Plaza.

7) Guadalupe Cafe - wonderful for breakfast and lunch. Fantastic salads. About five blocks from the Plaza.
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of course, if you have a car, rancho de chimayo, I would consider it the best between Santa Fe and Taos (including SF)
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Cafe Pink is fun and cheap. I'd steer clear of santacafe as well as coyote cafe. Dave's Not Here is really good, and a local joint, like counterculture cafe. Ditto, Santa Fe Baking Company and CloudCliff Bakery. Harry's Roadhouse is a long way from the Plaza. Bobcat Bite is supposed to be the best burger in New Mexico, but would probably be a waste of time for anybody coming from someplace that has a good burger point.
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is horseman's still open, is (was??) best green chili stew in town.
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Sno'more is right about steering clear of Santa Cafe and Coyote - both of which have disapointed me consistantly of late. Geronimo is also spotty in my opinion, though the location and ambiance are great. If you like world class fine dinning go see Martin Rios at the Anasazi. If you want a really special dinner it is the place to go. Martin's execution is flawless. I haven't tested the new chef at The Old House yet, but I've heard good things. I hope to do so soon - I'm curious because I was the Chef at the Old House before Martin.

La Casa Sena ain't what it used to be, but the patio for lunch is is still magical. I also like the patio at Fuego at La Posada for lunch - very pleasant relaxing surroundings.

Horseman's is still here and serving up great chile with real authority.
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I appreciate the guidance, everyone. 18 years agi we ate an an excellent tapas restaurant. I can't tell you anything about it other than my memory suggests that it may have been in a house. Does this ring any bells?
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The restaurant was almost certainly El Farol wich is located up Canyon Road roughly at the intersection of Canyon and Palace Ave. It's still there and still one of my favorites with a funky bar and great Tapas served in little dinning rooms - well worth a revisit.
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For what it's worth...

I will have to second the nomination of both Geronimo's (eaten there several times and never been disappointed) and Maria's .

With Maria's, they claim to have 100 different tequilas, and a different margarita made with each one. They range from about $5 to about $50 per drink. Honestly, I don't remember the food, but I sure remember the tequila!

What ever happened to the Pink Adobe? It used to be quite the tourist trap, with above average food. But it has been years since I've eaten there.

I have eaten at a couple of places right on the square (plaza) on the second floor... Thought both were more than adequate fare!

But I must agree that Chimayo, on the road to Taos, is definitely worth a stop...
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Jstraw, definitely El Farol. Food is - OK. (have family in Andalusia so I'm picky) but entertainment and atmosphere are great. Authentic flamenco on Wednesday nights. worth a stroll on Canyon road too.
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