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So... After scouring the local countryside (and the many, many 4th of July sales currently happening on the Stowe mountain road) for anything of interest in the ski department,
here's what I've found:

A practically brand new pair of Volkl Supersport 5-Stars (161cm) with bindings (don't ask me what they are, I have no idea, but I'll talk to the guy at the store tomorrow) for $479...

This sounds like a really good deal to me, and I'm pretty sure I'll buy them tomorrow and just trash my old c90x's in the park... That is, unless any of you have any major objections...


But anyway, thanks again for all your help, I can't thank you guys enough. I especially want to thank Greg for getting the ball rolling (not one person responded to an identical post on the forum at Ski.com) and Michael for hooking me up with those sic boots, you guys are awesome, and I'll definitely be checking back in with both of you for any ski questions I have in the future.

For now though, thanks again.

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Bakination --

I've skied the 5 stars, and they are an amazing ski for what you need, which is rapid advancement. They help you in and out of quick, short turns, which will build carving ability. This will, ultimately, help you in the park. I know this sounds strange, but it isn't -- the ability to shift your weight quickly from side to side when carving will help you with the body feel you need in the park. i.e. quick turns into 360's, riding switch, etc.

The 5 stars I rode (marker bindings) had an excellent, light feel in the air. I didn't do too much in the park (if you ride rails you will beat the hell out of your edges), but I took a few good jumps off of cat tracks onto groomers: they felt very stable on landings. The wood core of the skis should hold up for the couple of years that you'll quickly increase your expertise on the 5-stars, until you get some gotamas.

Best of luck!
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Originally Posted by bakination088
here's what I've found:

A practically brand new pair of Volkl Supersport 5-Stars (161cm) with bindings (don't ask me what they are, I have no idea, but I'll talk to the guy at the store tomorrow) for $479...

Hi bakin...

Th 5* is a great ski & the size is right. However, the price could be better. Try to swing a better deal, say $399. If the ski is used, have them do a tune-up and set the bindings for free.

Just for comparison, Fischer RX6 provides the same kind of performance & versatility as the 5*, this one is $299 new. http://cgi.ebay.com/Fischer-RX6-w-FX10-Railflex-2-binding-NEW_W0QQitemZ8829336738QQihZ005QQcategoryZ62182QQs sPageNameZWD1VQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

So "Just say no" if the seller insists on his price.



P.S. Send me a shipping address, I'll send the boots. Feel free to sell 'em or offer them for free here at Epic if they don't work out.
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I'm working on the shipping adress, I'll send it to you tomorrow. I got sidetracked for the last few hours and haven't gotten a chance to get the final go-ahead from my step-dad.

Rest-assured, I'll send you the address tomorrow. THANKS AGAIN!!!

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ok, rather than start a new thread, i figure this would fit in here well.

How does the stiffness of the karmas compare to say, salomon screams? or something that soft? Id like the karmas from what i understand, but they would be my crusier and glades skis. I do bumps, but my knees dont enjoy them and punish me later for playing in them
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Buy boots - test skis

Here is my .02, Buy the best fitting boots from a qualified fitter for your club feet that you can afford. At $400 you should be able to get into a really nice professionally fitted boot.

Then, as your pocket book allows, rent demo skis during the next season. Hopefully you can get in several different styles (carver vs mid-fat/fat) and several different brands. At the end of the season find the bargains on the ski you liked best and purchase with confidence - rather than by suggestion.

Most likely your skiing with take a huge leap this year with new boots and more time on the slopes. I like skiing with family, but try to find a few buds (hopefully that ski better than you) to bomb down the hill with - you will make much better gains. Don't dis Mom, just find some variety in your partner.

Glad to hear your stoke - it was the mid-summer read I was looking for:
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The Karma is pretty much my go to ski for skiing at Stowe, be it bumps, glades, groomers or park. That is to say that when I am teaching and don't know where I am going to be assigned, that's the ski I take. Of all the skis in my quiver, it is my favorite bump ski. I'm not sure how I'd compare it to the Scream, mainly because there are so many models of scream and I have only skiied a few of them. Which one did you have in mind?
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I have a pair of 5 star, 168 that belong to my son. He has skied on them 3xs and each time skied less than four runs on groomers. They are in brand new shape.

If you are interested, price would be $325. and I'll split the cost of shipping. PM me if you would like more information. They have never been for sale before this post.
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I have these http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=42215
for sale. Im really leaning toward picking up a pair of last seasons karmas for 400 in a 169
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Originally Posted by bakination088
Alright, so here's the deal...

I'm 5'9"
I weigh around 155 Lbs
and I'm a pretty aggressive intermediate skier

I'm looking to buy a new pair of skis but I'm relatively new to this whole skiing business (I've only skied for the last two winters), and I don't really have enough background knowledge to know what to buy.

Currently, I'm skiing head C90X ((length 150) yeah, I know they're really short, but that's what the guy at the rental place reccomended for me) and I like them just fine, but I was hoping to move up in the world and buy an all-around better ski.

Ideally, I'm looking for a ski that is firstly and foremostly a solid all-mountain ski, but I'd also really like them to be twin-tipped and good for use in the park. From what I've gathered from reading reviews online and talking to people in my local ski-shops, it soundls like what I'm looking for is the Volkl Karma (probably 169's), but I just wanted to clear up a few questions I had first:

1) Being that I'm still a relatively inexperienced skiier, will I be able to handle such a drastic jump in performance and capability, or will the Karma completely kick my ass? (FYI, at this point I can ski just about anything Sugarbush can throw my way, but I don't make a habit of taking really intense trails like FIS or double-diamonds)

2) Are there any other comparable skis out there that will deliver the same sort of performance as the Karma without taking such a big dent out of my wallet (even at there summer price of $499 these skis are barely within my price range)? Keep in mind that I'm not necessarily looking for state-of-the-art performance.

3) Finally, if I do decide to go with the Karma, should I go with the 169's, which in theory are just about the right length for a skier of my height, or should I consider going with the 161's so as to make the adjustment from my 150's a little easier?

Thanks, any input you have will be greatly appreciated...

Well I took a look for you, and oohf, too bad you are back east, or these would ROCK: http://cgi.ebay.com/Skis-Nordica-Beast-92-TT-166cm_W0QQitemZ320006638069QQihZ011QQcategoryZ1606 2QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem , but they're a bit fatter than you'll likely need.

And then there's: http://cgi.ebay.com/DYNASTAR-05-06-NOTHIN-BUT-TROUBLE-165_W0QQitemZ140007317363QQihZ004QQcategoryZ26349Q QrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Goodness, I expect you'll be too late for these:http://cgi.ebay.com/NORDICA-The-BEAS...QQcmdZViewItem
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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just couldn't believe no one mentioned anything about the fact that he was skiing in size 11.5 boots with a size 6 foot! It sounds like that was the best option available to him at the time, but I bet you could stick 2 fists behind his heel in a shell fit! Spending the time and money to get boots with a better fit for your feet will make the biggest improvement in your skiing ever. With the right boots you could probably ski better on 2x4's than with those 5.5 size too large old boots!

What ended up happening with your ski purchase, and did you get those boots?
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OK, I just read this thread, and I'd like to give my two cents. First of all, based on what you said, there is no WAY you can handle "just about anything Sugarbush can throw my way" especially if you're in boots that are like 5 sizes too big... Giving a realistic idea of your ability is key to getting good advice. I'd say go to Inverness or the mountain side place and get boots fitted, Bill at inverness is a GREAT fitter, butyou will pay full price.

Now, I put about 40 days on my 177 Karmas last year. They are absolutely not an intermediate ski. They are STIFF, stiffer than the screams to whomever asked. But for an expert, I couln't think of a better all mountain eastcoast ski. You'll float a little in the pow, shred moguls and lay down tracks on the groomers with them. VERY forgiving for such a stiff ski. I skied everything from Whistler backcountry to frozen eastcoast moguls on them last year. If you're an expert looking for the one ski quiver and like the pow and the bumps with a few groomers thrown in, this is your ski.

And I would just like to say, this forum ingeneral gives out very thoughtful and helpful responses. Most of what people were saying in this thread is spot on. As was said before boots > skis.
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From Gregs list, I'd go Dynastar Omecarve 8 or Elan S08 -- these are two highly underrated skis. And you should find them really really cheap.
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