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Ski Patrol and Mountain Safety: New Forum

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The past year has brought a great deal of attention to the Ski Patrol and Mountain Safety personnel who serve the skiing community. Many members and supporters of this forum are professionals and volunteers; and the EpicSki community would like to acknowledge their contribution and provide a forum for these professionals to trade shop talk, and communicate with the public, similar to our instruction and technique forum that serves our instructors and their students.

This post is to gauge your interest and solicit your input on how to best organize that forum to meet your needs and interests. We expect that the subject matter of the forum will be broad, including discussions of: ski technique, rescues, safety, terrain and avy, guest management, equipment, news, fund raisers, training and workshop opportunities, acknowledgements of advancement and awards, job postings/ recruitment and tributes to those who have fallen in the line of duty.

The patrol is a parallel world to instructing, but we don't hear much of it here. We believe EpicSki could provide a valuable service by providing a forum for discussion outside of the NSP official site.

So the question to our members are:
  • Are you interested in a patrol and mountain safety forum?
  • What are your ideas for forum content?
We are looking for your input. If the interest exists, we will try to set up the forum in the way that works best for you, based on your input here.
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Well, we can discuss, rant and flame with the best of them. I think there can never be too much avy safty talk, and I can attest that is a subject which should not be confined to the backcountry board.

Here's a list of topic discussed in the medical section of skipatrol.org;

Instructor talk - Over-teaching? etc.
Safety of ski-boards
How does an EMT become NSP
Vaccinations for Patrollers (esp. Hep B)
Length of Hare Splint
Should a Juvenile Diabetic Ski?
Transport of head injury victim
Don't ingest these to ward off the cold.
Managing cardiac arrest on the hill
Tibial microfracture procedure
Should 12th grade english students wear helmets?
Do I need a knee brace?
Head injury complications and recovery
What do I need to become a patroller?
Terrified but recovered ACL owner.
Jobs for MD's at ski areas?
Incidence of Hypothermia in Skiing
Use of narcotics for pain control?
Tx goals for immobilized lower extremity
Shock in accident situation (elementary)
Med Interns and Computers on the hill
Snowboarding, a pain in the neck?
Stats on risk of injury
Brain injury & Helmet Stats
Brain injury & Helmet Stats (2)
MD or Patroller. Vocational advice.
Butt hardware
Handling shoulder dislocations on the hill.
Skiing with a broken arm.
More vocational advice - nursing.
My dad wants me to wear this dorky helmet....
Reintro to skiing after traumatic injury.
How to survive an avalanche.
Pre-release vs. no-release.

All worth talking about!

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Looks to be hours of good entertainment there. And lets not forget

"I got first tracks this morning"
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider
Looks to be hours of good entertainment there. And lets not forget
"I got first tracks this morning"
wouldn't that go into the "pre-opening trip report" forum?

I think a Patrol forum is a great idea. Although there is a lot of information sharing throughout the NSP, sharing techniques and local patrol discoveries and inventions could improve all the patrols involved.

Should we start with a discussion of the PSIA vs. PMTS technique of driving a sled?:

BTW, Newfy- We still have a couple of Hare splints used for training, and also some Thompsons(which I prefer), but for all on-hill incidents, we are strictly Sager...
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Originally Posted by 2-turn
Should we start with a discussion of the PSIA vs. PMTS technique of driving a sled?:
Sounds like a crossover hit to me...
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Sounds like a fine idea to me.
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Absolutely I'd welcome the chance to participate in a Patroller forum.

Some ideas:
  1. Advanced "Guest Patrolling" discussions. Who exchanges and how do you get connected?
  2. OEC study questions. There are a lot of people out there (me included) that are re-upping, studying for the first time and on various areas of the knowledge continuum. Good questions, with good answers, is always appreciated.
  3. As always, gear, gear, gear...but, gear specific to a patrollers duties such as butt packs, hydration gear, gloves, helmet/hats, eye gear, etc...
  4. Great rescue stories and especially how greatful the guest was.
  5. Handling jerks, or guests that "just don't get it".
  6. Conditioning, unique to patrolling.
  7. Patroller deals that only the "locals" know about. The best burgers, beers, pizzas and cigar-joints in any resort or town that are especially "patroller friendly".
  8. Perhaps some career advice for those seeking to make on-hill activity/patrolling their life's work.
So, yes...I'm very interested.
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Maybe we could have an accident stories sub section?
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This is a timely idea.
Patrollers have alot to teach us all.
What would it be like without them?

I have been treated with such compassion and generosity of their time and attention when i needed them the most in my many years of skiing.

When i see patrollers I greet them and treat them with the same respect they have shown me .

Let's hear more from our patroller friends.

Viva le patrollers
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I've used their services more than I care to admit (even once is probably too many times with a student - but, better safe than sorry). Their professionalism has never been in doubt.

About time for a separate forum.
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New forum is up, and we have called it the "Patrol Shack". We are really looking forward to some great discussions.

The patrollers deserve our fullest respect and appreciation, and having the Patrol Shack dedicated to their service on EpicSki, helps set that tone. IThis is your area, and its about time the Patrol had its rightful place here.
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Great idea. thanks for setting this up ! Ed
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Great name for it, also!
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Thanks for setting up the forum!
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