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CZ Slavia 634

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These fine air rifles are finally in the US. They are made by CZ, and the worksmanship is quite good. The price is right, $129, about $100 under a comparable German air rifle. The CZ 634 shoots a .177 or 4.5mm 7 g.9 gram pellet about 750 fps, making it powerful enough for small game, pest control, and of course, target/practice shooting.

Here's a link from the CZ: http://www.czub.cz/navody/cz634_en.pdf
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Interesting. My girlfriend lives on a 1 acre lot that is being overran with ground squirrels. This would be perfect for picking them off. (Her neighbors are too close for me to use my 22.)
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This pel gun looks very nice.
I keep a target barrel 22 with peep sights. And a box of caps nearby.

The .22 CB cap has a typicl velocity of less than 210 m/s.

But, heavy lead for more energy.

Very handy when the peaches are ripening on the tree.

Red squirrels hate lead

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those dahrned squoils

I use my 634 and 631 to keep the critters from cleaning me out of figs, pears and pecans. There appears to be no danger of the gray squirrel facing extinction.
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.2-.3 in. groups at 15 yds..

I put a low powered BSA 1.5x4.5x36 scope on the 634 and it is grouping .2-.3 at fifteen or so yards. Rings are Leuopold rimfire. I am quite pleased with the accuracy and range. A scope brings out the long range potential of the CZ/Slavia 634.

The 634's velocity on my Chrony is approximately 760 FPS with the Crosman 7.9 gram field pellet.
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