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Travel insurance?

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Does anyone have any travel insurance company they'd recommend? I'm looking for an annual policy which would cover lost/stolen/damaged ski gear (not with a very low limit per item, such as $300) and the usual medical & other travel stuff when travelling outside the country. It would need to be for a US resident. Thanks.
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Travelguard was the only one I could find without a skiing exclusion that was reasonable. World Nomads is another one, but their coverage is pretty crappy (you get what you pay for). There was one other that was also very simliar to world nomads, name escapes me. I usually don't bother, but I'm going to Las Lenas and their terrain is very avalanche prone - that's the main reason I got it. Thinks about how much you need it first.
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Thank you. I'm looking at the insurance option. After I assess I'll post some comments on it. The UK has much better rates than the USA and a huge number of options. Too bad they won't offer something for US residents.
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try "Travmark". I just used them for my sons trip to camp at mt.hood? not sure for out of the country but might be worth the try?????
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check out i heard they have a couple of companies here. i think they're like brokers.
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World Nomads is excellent when you're coming to the US for 5 months! The very cheap mob I just bought my tickets from had a "special" on travel insurance.... $800! World nomads do the main stuff for $290.
If you want extras, like full cover for laptop or camera etc, you pay more for that. You have to have a careful read of what the actual coverage is, and then assess if it's adequate for you. For instance, most of them offer miserable dental "cover". And luggage items are not spectacular either unless you pay more. But for big bad accidents and illness, they all seem pretty good, ditto if something happens to stuff up your trip or stop you from going.

Over here, the accepted wisdom is: If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel. ie don't think of going o/s without it.

There was a horror story about a young lady who went to Whistler to instruct, she didn't get travel insurance (because it's expensive and she figured she'd be covered for most of the time by worker's comp), and managed to rag doll down couloir extreme. Her parents had to get a 2nd mortgage on their house to afford the medical treatment.
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I'm not sure if it works differently in the US, but I have managed to claim against my home contents policy before (this is when I lived in the UK but broke a pair of skis in France). I did this precisely 'cos the travel policy cover was pathetic in terms of ski replacement. My home contents cover included sports equipment while in use.
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In Oz, my house insurance also has "home and away" cover for things that are usually in your house. So when my laptop was stolen by a friend of the young person I was renting a room from (in oz), my own home insurance covered it (fully). and my Skins, which were also taken.
But most of these policies don't work overseas.
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why would someone need to complicate their life by buying insurance for something worth about at most a few thousand dollars? Why would you want to pay someone 20% a year just to "hold" this money in case you need it(ie. file a claim?).
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?! This kind of insurance is a no brainer. What part of the preceeding discussion do you not understand? It is not expensive, and it covers things that are very expensive.
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Are you discussing travel insurance for plane/hotel/skis or for dangerous high cost accidents on the mountain, they are two entirely different things. i would think that someone that can afford to go to Europe skiing wouldn't need to "gamble" a few hundred dollars, maybe, to insure a loss of a few K.
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I do not know of any travel insurance you can buy, that does not cover both 'trip' issues, and health/accident issues.
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come on now, I know I can easily buy travel insurance to cover my trip to the bird, from any travel agent, but i am thinking "what policy" is going to cover me when I ski off a cliff into a tree? , that is a loss that might be worth insuring. (at least some might think so).
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To me the cost of over $1000 CAD for new skis is not insignificant regardless of what I spend to get where I want to ski ... so like I believe the original poster obviously feels, I would be happy if I new I at least had something in my policy to cover that cost. I agree with Ant that's it's really a no brainer. Not all of us who ski are rich & easily able to write off a few thousand dollars without thinking about it.
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interesting point: when I google "does travel insurance cover stolen skis" i come up with all kind of UK hits and I was wrong, many of the policies do seem to cover health costs of accidents on the mountain. Don't know why I can't quickly find a US company. My point is, the insurer has to collect at least $300 or so and then there is the "hassle" with such a policy. Do you think if your $1,000 skis are stolen there will be no deductible? Doubtful. As far as general travel insurance, I can only think of the many, many vacation trips I've taken the past 25 years,(>100), and If I had put out $300 for each vacation, I'd be out $30,000 now(plus interest). Even if there were a few vacations where I filed a claim, I'd still be way out. OTOH, I think it is a very good idea to have "health & accident" insurance, when travelng overseas, outside of health policy coverage, because that could be an expensive loss, esp with a possibly dangerous sport like skiing.
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All I can say I'm glad I have an annual policy so I don't have to pay out for every trip like you seem to be doing.
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heard give rebates to their customers if claims are down for a given year.
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Came to the USA several years ago from the UK, and in the UK (in my experience at least) it's normal to buy travel insurance when you book your holiday. It's generally not very expensive (£50 per trip? or maybe £200 for the year, IIRC). After researching the US insurance market, I see it's not nearly as cheap. Very weird. UK companies need to come over here and start competing! I want it mainly because if my gear is lost (skis, boots, accessories, whatever), I don't want to have to replace it all when I get home AND have to pay for rentals while I'm on holiday. That's the rationale.

Travel America (?) has an annual policy, but it's still not very good for replacement cost of skis. My private healthcare insurance covers all of that, but homeowner's insurance will only cover skis if there is evidence of a break-in. That is, if someone takes the skis on the hill, it's not covered, but if they break into my hotel room or car and steal them, I am covered. Loss by airline is not covered by home insurance. Perhaps it's just more peace of mind and past experience than logic which makes me want to get insurance. I'm used to having that back up so that I know my vacation isn't ruined by unexpected events. I don't expect coverage for extreme sports activity since I don't do anything "extreme." Maybe I'll look into that if I ever do, but not anticipating it in this lifetime.

I'm going to continue researching for the right annual policy, and if I find it I'll post details. Not that it has happened to me yet (though AA misplaced for a day my bag on the way back from my last trip), but I like to know I can refer to someone to sort out the problems if they happen at the beginning of my trip. It's part of the relaxing vacation experience, and I'll pay for it. I don't want to be stressing all throughout my holiday.
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From the comments here, it does seem as though things are a bit trickier for US residents. Like your UK experience DC-Ski, here in Oz we tend to buy travel insurance when we buy the trip (usually the flights, anyway). The agent will generally offer a deal. It's an all-in thing too, with health/accident, lost/damaged stuff, ruined trip, unforseen cancellation, medivacing home, personal liability etc etc all thrown in.

I find it's way cheaper on the 'net, and my insurance for the trip to the US this winter cost $290AUD
This is the mob I've been using:
and that site shows some sample costs, plus you can do a quick quote after you tell it where you live. Might be useful for people to work out what's going on with this (there's a USA resident option).
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Great, I'll check them out too. Thanks a lot.
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