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Chicago Ski Dazzle Ski Expo

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Has anyone been to this event? Is it totally new for Chicago this year? I'm new to the area myself, so I haven't been in past years or know much about it. Looks like they run some other similiar expos in different areas of the country.

It looks pretty interesting from the ad in the newspaper.
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I have not been, but plan on going. It's not the first time this event has been held in Chicago. Don't know too much about it, but from the vendor list, appears that mostly ski resorts will be setting up booths.
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I just got home from the show...
Lots of bargins in the swap area but I just don't need anything right now.

This show is lots of travel stuff. Many tour operators and resorts are there. Some ski clubs are also represented there. A few ski shops are there as well. Snowcrest Ski Center is my favorite shop in the whole world. Ron, Jon, and Tom run a great shop! They are all really great guys!

I think the biggest complaint I here about this show is that none of the major ski gear companies are there. No Volkl, No Tecnica, No Head, No Lange, No Dolomite, No Saloman, No Nobody at all. I think that is because this show is so late in the year. It is really a travel show. It would be huge if they could get just a hand full of the big companies there.

I went and I enjoyed it but it has room for improvement. I still had a great time just because it was ski related and I love that! It is worth the price and I drove two hours to be there on the opening night. Go and see for yourself. I feel the promoters could do better but I still like it!!

Let it snow and then shred, shered, shred!!

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I'm headed to the show after work. Had a feeling gear manufacturers wouldn't be there as the skidazzle web site didn't list any. Glad to hear there's a lot of good deals on stuff for sale though.
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Just wanted to make a little observation about the Ski Dazzle Ski and Snowboard Show in Chicago compared to the show in Las Angeles. Ski Dazzle Ski Show in Los Angles has the same promoters putting it on as the Chicago Show. Well, if you look at the Los Angles Ski Dazzle Ski Show website, you will notice an abundance of ski equipment manufacturers. That is really a slap in the face of the people who come to the Chicago Show. Don't know who to be upset with though, the manufacturers or the promoters.

I really wish the manufacturers were in Chicago to answer questions about their products. I wanted to get some of the tecnical data from them. Now you are relying on the retail sales market to give you information about products they sell. This means you really need a good relationship with your ski shop so they sell you the best quality and the best for you to use and not the one that has the most profit margin.

Just an observation!!!

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Years ago (4-5) the Chicago show had a lot of ski company reps.
Last year they didn't have any, the year before one guy from Volant brought a few new models to show off. I won't make it this year, but it sounds like it hasn't changed much from the past couple.
The local ski shops all have booths and there is one sports megga store that has their own huge area with great deals on new, older model equipment. The swap meet area is very good too.
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