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Originally Posted by BetterThanAliens View Post
Resurrecting this thread because my spring break is late this year....

Can I go wrong skiing in CO from 3/31-4/4? Or would Utah work better? I'm in the Midwest and have less than a year's of experience in this sport - and all skiing so far has been local. Although, I'm improving as the weeks pass and can only get better by March. I wouldn't be in over my head at any locations in these states, right? Thanks!
I think Copper would be very good for you
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Wait, you messing with me or that a sincere response? Copper has an advanced ring to it.
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Copper has naturally divided terrain, they have mellow greens, blues and nice steep blacks. The best part is that they greens are away from the rest so the odds of being buzzed by someone flying down is less, and if you are flying down a run, you have fewer human gates to go through.
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I'd recommend several of the Colorado resorts mentioned: Aspen/Snowmass, Copper, Vail/Beaver Creek.

In Utah the more advanced Cottonwood Canyons are good in spring while the more intermediate Park City Group tends to be sloppy by April. Thus Colorado should be better in your case.
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We are heading out to Summit county April 3-7th. Did the same thing last year and were greeted with epic conditions. Hoping for the same this year!

We rent a car and drive to whatever place has the best conditions - this keeps your options open.
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Originally Posted by BetterThanAliens View Post
Wait, you messing with me or that a sincere response? Copper has an advanced ring to it.
Another suggestion: Loveland, CO has a great late season record and offers pretty low-intermediate terrain, can be a relative bargain, and is close to Denver.
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Bumping this thread again since the time is coming around...


I was at Keystone last weekend for my first west ski, and I was simply amazed. Before this trip, I was doubting my abilitiy to hit anything besides simple blues, but with adrenaline pumping and a boost of confidence from the powder, I was hitting lighter black diamonds by the 2nd day. Moguls make your legs burn!


So that first week of April in Colorado, just check the snow reports and head to the location with the snow, right? I have a few days booked at Keystone as of today. But I'm thinking I should venture elsewhere and explore. Anymore advice would be greatly appreciated...

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Nice.  Keystone is a great place for rising intermediates.  How were the crowds?

As you may know, Arapahoe Basin is about 3 miles from Keystone.  It's set at a higher elevation and is renowned for some of the best late season skiing in the lower 48.  Nearby Breckenridge, Copper and Lovelend are also good candidates.  So you're looking good for April.

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It was rare that I had to wait in line for most lifts. On the backside of the mountain, the Santiago Express, the lines were pretty lengthy, but overall, I rarely ran into a problem. The thing that probably amazed me the most was most people on the runs were good. Back home, it's like an obstacle course trying to avoid people that have no control. Oh, Colorado!


Thanks, James. I now feel great about going out there the first week of April! Psyched!


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Banff/Lake Louise is a good choice for late season. They aren't having the best year, but i would consider it in the future.

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Lake Louise can get iffy in April - having to take a bus between the parking lot and Whitehorn Lodge to start and end your day because all the lower slopes have melted is pretty typical, But Sunshine is always reliable, and one of my favorite Spring ski sites. One advantage of Spring skiing in Canada is that Spring Break  for the kiddies is typically a different week than in most of the US, so you get to avoid the hoardes of anklebiters and rugrats that you would otherwise run into.

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I realize this is several years after your post, but we are wondering about skiing late March-early April.  Have skied Tahoe with friends previous years but vacations aren't on the same week this time.  Looking at Banff/Lake Louise but not familiar with other resorts (Crested Butte & Breckenridge were years ago & I think we're going to late in the season to consider these).  I tried some of the earlier links, but it's been years I see!  Thanks, K

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personal experience of late March, early April lots of snow(Actually season peak in terms of base depth) in North America: Whistler-Blackcomb, Banff:Sunshine Village (louise closes earlier always), Alta


Reported snow-sure resort late season : Mammoth, Snowbird, Tahoe.

Good luck

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As was noted in this OLD (6+ years!) thread, the altitude of Summit County increases your chances of mid-winter powder and packed powder conditions vs spring conditions.  The larger areas close mid-late April because the skiers stop coming leaving A-Basin to satisfy the diehards into June.

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Thank you both!  We are looking at Mammoth -- for now.  It can all change while we try to coordinate with family in other cities!  Will post back after travel...

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