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Airline Ski Bag Weight Limit?

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Specifically, do you guys think 1 pair of slalom skis and 2 pairs of GS skis (one pair without bindings) will pass muster? How much is it if I don't? I'm flying Delta. Thanks.
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Get real, Delta is ready when you are...

Ready to sock you in the wallet for Excess Baggage.

Here's their baggage policy on skis.

If you're not careful, the excess baggage charges can be more than the cost of a ticket (and no - you can not buy an extra ticket and get more baggage allowance).

If you absolutely need all those skis, consider shipping them ahead instead.
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The policy says I can take one ski bag, and one boot bag. These two bags are considered one item. They say nothing about the number of skis and that only the boot bag needs to adhere to standard baggage policies. But, I know that there are some limits since loaded 4-pair burrito bags are outlawed. They just aren't clear on what those limits actually are.

I need two pairs for obvious reason. The third needs drilling and would be nice to have. I'm adding 10 lbs more than what I always travel with so it's not too crazy.
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After reading some old threads (which I should've read earlier) and some Google searches, it appears that I'm under the sole discretion of the ticketing counter.

Combined, the three pairs come in at 44 lbs. I could pull another pair of bindings (s916 boat anchors) and come in well under the 50 lbs mark. I guess I just need to decide wheather it's worth the risk or not.
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The standard that all airlines apply (AFAIK) is that one ski bag is a bag that holds one pair of skis. Some airlines won't even allow a double ski bag for a travelling couple (without the extra $$$ of course). Your mileage may vary. You can call ahead to the local ticket counter for a ruling in advance, but that won't be worth the paper it's printed on. The only surefire way to get around improperly trained gate agents trying to overcharge you is to have a letter on airline stationary explcitly covering what you are actually intending to do (good luck getting that!). In general I've found that a courteous, but insistent escalation of the issue will either get you a "one time" exception to the one pair of skis rule or a polite pay it now and argue it later response. It used to be that you could tip skycaps and get around this crap, but with security these days this does not work well any more. I suspect that if you are travelling with a large group that an exception would be easily obtained, but other than that your only hope is to slip your bag by an agent that's willing to overlook it.
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I fly Delta all the time with a large double ski bag. I think as long as its less that 50 lbs., you will be ok.
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No experience with Delta, but this spring I was 1 lb. over with US Air on my bag, and they let it go but pointed it out to me. I have always taken 2 pairs of skis on trips west, and so far no problems with US Air.
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If they have curbside checking....have a $10 bill CLEARLY visible. Carry the bag to him/her, show the 10 spot. DO NOT GIVE the 10 spot until it clears. Once there, you have to take your chances of curb side again to return home. This always works for me...when my bags weigh 55-60 lbs.

One time the guy came back, "your bag weighs 52 lbs, I am going to have to charge you extra...." Nope... says I, I pull out a spare bag that I always carry, drop 3 pounds out of the number 1 bag. Check 2 bags instead of just the one. Sorry--no tip for being exact. I am sure he learned.
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You can get away with two sets of skis, about 48lbs, any more will put
you over the limit.
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in any case, the overweight shouldn't cost you more than a 100 bucks... last flight back from the states (me and a friend go there to work on a ski resort on our summer, your winter) my friend bought a HUGE stand-up bass and he only had to pay 100 bucks for the oversize AND overweight... (this was on Delta)

and the year before he had an extra bag and they didn't charge him for it...

(you should try flirting with the girl in the counter... it works...)
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Thanks guys. I think I'm going to go for it. I'm pretty sure I can pack the bag under 50 lbs (removing at least one pair of bindings). I've always taken two pairs and it's never been weighed; they always tell me to carry it over to the oversized, bomb sniffing area. I like the idea about the girl at the counter. I'll have to see when I get there... Lift off is in less than 2 weeks!
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I took 3 pr. of skis to SLC on Delta without a problem either way. Only one pair had bindings and I think the bag weighed about 45 lbs. They just weighed it like normal baggage and never said a thing. If you're under the 50 lb limit seems like it wouldn't be a problem, at least that was my experience.
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I have a snotube for 2 pairs of skis that definitly weights more than 50 lbs with all the stuff I pack into it around the skis. I only check in the snotube and one other 40 LB bag. I have never had a problem with American Airlines. Total check in weight is about 100 lbs.

My boots, ski pants, base layer, and gloves go in carry on bag with me. I have everything I need to ski using rental equipment in the carry on bag in case they loose my check in lugage.
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