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New suit

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For you sexy ladies: New suit
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why it's perfect. It will match the Hawaiin shower curtain outfit I already own perfectly.

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It reminds me of a shirt I saw somewhere.

Oh, yes...

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damn, check them feet. gotta be what, 174's?
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And they are in a backward wedge shape. Never mind close together, they're not even parallel!
HH would turn in his grave.

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This year for x-mas, I got a few skier friends one piece suits from e-bay! People gave me the most disgusting looks when the opened their presents. I acted like I really worked hard to get them the presents, and was hurt that they didn't like them! It was so great!!!! One person got a neon green, another a pink and teal one, not neon, and to show that I had a sense of humor, got myself a purple one. Wish this had been there! You guys really should try this sometime, you get strange looks on the slopes too, especially when you rip!
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altaskier, I'm with ya. I collect vintage wear, I hang out at ski swaps and looks for really awesome things. I embarrass my children. Nothing like tele-ing around in vintage stretch Bogner ala Emma Peel.

ain't life grand?

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Mmm Emma Peel...
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yes something like that, except it's purple. YOu have to understand I ski at a mountain where carharts, camo and Columiba is not uncommon.

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