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Spam PMs?

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Did everyone get the PM from "dorryg"?


Dear one,
Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into long time relatioship and financial transaction for our mutual benefits.
I am Doris and I inheritated an important sum from my late father who died in recent crisis in Cote d'Ivoire. I wish to request for your assistance in investing this sum in lucrative venture or manufacturing and real estate management in your country.
I have FOUR million, five hundred thousand United State Dollars. USD($4.500,000)to invest in this transaction and I will require your assistance in receiving the fund in your account in your country. I will gladly give you some reasonable percent from the total sum for your assistance. Please it is important you contact me immediately for
more clearification on the next step for smooth conclusion.
Awaiting your immediate response and God bless you.
Thanks for your understanding
Yours Sincerely,
Doris Madin.

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The mod squad was aware of at least one post, and the sender has been banned (or soon will be). Obviously, this is a fraudulent message and should be nuked. This is an odd case where someone registered to be a member, then did not post in any threads, but apparently used the personal message system. Both administration and moderators are looking into the security aspect of this. The IP address in fact traces to the African Network Information Center NET.

Do not respond to this message, or provide any personal information.
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For a small investment on your part you will share in her bounty.

This one must be the all time classic.
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Wouldn't it be cool to start a thing where you bombard a'holes like this with bogus info and hook them into thinking that they are on to a sucker?

Think of the fun you could have! I did this once with a "pork belly and soy" broker who was calling me for weeks when I was in college.
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You mean like this?

For a more serious response...
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I wonder if the Nigerian phone guy got any bites when he posted here.
If they send out many solicitations then they have a chance to get more fish to bite
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Originally Posted by ssh
You mean like this?

For a more serious response...
Quite a few of the ones on the first site were hilarious, nice one steve.
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I know a guy that got scammed this way before it was on the internet. Thought he was going to be a millionare. Lost a bunch of bucks in the process.

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You mean that was a SCAM?? I'm not going to be rich??

This is going to be awkward asking for my job back.
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I've had these before. They usually request your bank account number, allegedly so they can transfer funds to it. I'm sure what they really intend is to extract funds from it. Don't give out any personal information, as has already been stated.
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This is one of my favorite scam revenge stories. P-P-P-Powerbook.

It was fun to watch it go down in real time.
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Originally Posted by tief schnee
This is one of my favorite scam revenge stories. P-P-P-Powerbook.

It was fun to watch it go down in real time.
That was entertaining!!!
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Yeah, but it made me wonder what happened to Jeff! :
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Toooooooo damned funny.

The first box was "forbidden" .... so I just saw the P-Book scam ....
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