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help with article...

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greetings, bears...

i am a journalism student, and for my Journalistic Design final, i was asked to design a new magazine from zero... so, i naturally thought of a skiing magazine... the thing is, part of the prototype i have to present is a 4-page story... since the season is just starting here (Chile), i thought i would do a story called "the four most common technique flaws, and how to get rid of them"... and use 1 page for each, with some nice graphics and pictures...

The thing is, i need help from more experienced people, who can tell me wich flaws to show, how to detect them, and some basic exercises to put in the article.... (nothing too deep, really, since it is just a prototype)...

well, that's about it...

edit: also, if someone thinks there are better things to write about, i am open to suggestions...
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1. Sitting Back
Signs = butt behind the heels, toes, knees and nose not aligned
Fix = thousand steps exercise (step from foot to foot constantly throughout a turn)

2. Z turns
Signs=Rapid change of direction from one side of the trail to the other, tracks look more like a Z than an S
Fix=One turn garlands with increasing speed. Make one turn and only one turn to get from one side of a trail to another and come to a stop. Increase the speed after each trip across by making a taller U shape track to get across.

3. Steering the skis too much/Skidding
Sign=tracks are wide versus pencil thin
Fix=Side slips to learn how to roll the skis onto edge and use the edges+Railroad tracks exercise

4. Not finishing the turns/ not rounding the top half of a turn
Sign=tracks are comma shaped versus S shaped
Fix=Go uphill before starting the new turn


It's a great idea, but keep in mind that it's really not this easy. The four most common problems could be anything and there are dozens of fixes for each one. Great instructors are great because they can choose which fix fits a person best. Nevertheless, your concept can make a fine article for class.
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You are not modeling your magazine after Glamour are you? I believe I saw that very headline on the June cover. (Just kidding, please don't rush to your newsstands.)

Kuroyume, one thing I learned in journalism is people will respond to a positive article. I would rephrase your theme issue: Four Things You Can Do To Dramatically Improve Your Skiing in an Hour or Less. Use plenty of exciting photos of beautiful people to illustrate your major points. Keep your presentation brain-dead simple. Do not try to teach anyone anything new, but rather to remind them of what they already know. Limit the size of your copy blocks, revere white space, and use the photos and or graphics to speak for you.
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1st page on just Stance & Balance - particularly in the Fore-Aft plane. So expanding therusty's sitting back to include too far forward, too far back, what it means to be centred.
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Look to the "successful" mags out there. Use ......... "Skiing" magazine as a template.

Concentrate on booze, bimbos and ....... all you need is a single pic of a mountain and a ski somewhere in there.

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No way...what you want is something hardcore for real skiers, such as the following:
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The Rusty gives good points--but for an article like this (even prototype) they may sound like the same issue..z turns, not finishing turns, steering too much. As an instructor, I had to think of the differences. As a reader and writer it might get very detailed and confusing.

#1 Sitting back
#2 Z turns---its simple. Talk about S turns for the positive side.
#3 Equipment-- GUYS love equipment. If they don't have it, they can benefit from reading about it. If they do have makes us feel good....."At least I am doing this right"
#4 Being loose---(sorry I cannot think of a better word now) Too many skiers are stiff--skiing is a sport, you must move. This can cause the back seat thing. Fix--sing a song, count turns out, lift alternating skis and slowly decrease the lift to the point that both skis are on snow 100%.
#5--lifting the inside ski (to get it out of the way) rather than steering and edging it down the hill---initiate turns with inside ski, not outside ski.
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wow... that's a lot of ideas... thanks guys...

so, i am changing the title the article to:

Four Things You Can Do To Dramatically Improve Your Skiing in an Hour or Less

and the four things could be:

-Mind your stance: keep centered, shoulders over the front of your bindings, back straight, not hunching over, etc

-Allow the skis to turn, and do not rush your turns: this would deal with the z-turns, skidding and not finishing the turns

-Equipment: the importance of boots, good ski selection, etc.

-mmm... i am still a bit confused about a fourth subject... maybe subject 2 should get two pages, since it covers a lot...

about the basic model for the magazine... i agree with SkiRacer... i want to aim at the kind of people who are actually interested enough to buy a ski magazine... as in, the kind of people who populate this boards...

(not to mention that when i ran the idea by my professor, who is a skier herself, she told me that she was going to kill me if i just gave her another magazine full of beatiful people and breathtaking mountain landscapes... )

so, any more opinions?
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Most common errors I see:

1. People who think that they have to turn the ski and put a lot of work and muscle into turning the ski instead of using subtle weight shifts and tipping and letting the ski turn them. This is becoming less common as people are more quickly learning to tip the skis with the new more responsive shaped skis.

2. Heel Pushing.

3. Skiing out of control.

4. Skiing too slowly. Steep hills are for going fast. These folks are probably the left-lane bandits that make getting to the hill take so long.

Cures? : I Don't really know. You had better wait for a ski instructor to post solutions to these problems. Here's my solutions anyway

1. Get a pair of skis that won't be pushed around and will do what they're told to do instead of just confusing you by being "forgiving" (worked for me, but that's just me). Then learn how to ski them.

2. Learn how to ski without sideslipping. Just pretend your a downhill racer and every slip and extra bit of drag costs valuable tenths of a second. (again probably won't work for everyone )

3. See 1.

4. See 2.
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You are definitely on the right track with the 4 items. Now repeat my following text without looking back at it.

Go straight ahead, at the blinking light, turn left, go 6 blocks and turn right by the gas station, there, vear left at the next intersection and follow the signs to your destination.

My point is, keep it simple as nolo pointed out. A good photo is worth a thousand words.

Four Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Skiing!

1. Centered stance.

2. Linking round turns.

3. Tip of the ski, the foot and tail of the ski all follow the same path.

4. C shaped turns where you turn to deceleration (across the fall line).

You don't need to get more complicated than that. The average skier needs at least one of the four items above. Don't get involved in a specific group of skiers, go for the general ski populace.

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an alternative list

1. Equipment and bootfitting. Why? How many of us see students with poor fitting boots and the wrong skis. Eliminating equipment issues allows our students to focus on learning and sets them up for maximum success.
2. Stance and balancing skills (static and dynamic)
3. Turning skills (overview of the three ways we can move the skis)
4. Rules of the road (skier responsibility code, safety, role of ski patrol, etc.)
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Thanks to everyone, the article is ready... i would post it, but it is in spanish, so i see little point to it... anyways, thanks again... you guys were VERY helpful...
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Originally Posted by Kuroyume
Thanks to everyone, the article is ready... i would post it, but it is in spanish, so i see little point to it... anyways, thanks again... you guys were VERY helpful...
Pourque non? (I never learned to spell in Engrish either)
Go ahead and post; we'll use babblefish.
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