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Race Plates

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I am looking for a new plate. I bought a Volkl Racetiger SL WC 155 ('06) flat. I don't know what plate to buy. My ski is the P50 SL WC 165 mounted with the Marker SL WC plate. This is the only race plate i skied on so i do not know how the others would compare.

I weigh 155lbs. I am looking for a soft plate that will offer rebound energy. I looked at some Vist plates and i can say that the WC Air got my attention. The problem is that it has metal and this probably makes it stiffer than the Marker.

I also looked at the MArker 14 Piston Control binding. It seems that it is slightly softer than the WC plate but it is more damp than the WC Piston Plate.

I really don't know what to do. I absolutely love the flex of my flat Racetigers. I wish they flexed like that on the hill, WITH the plate mounted on them. They are soft and the flex is amazing.

What do you think i should get?

Btw, i read that both Vist metal plates and the Marker Piston WC dampen the ski considerably.

Thanks a lot!

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Maybe you should buy 2 or 3 different brands of plates and cut and splice them together to give you the exact flex and dampening you are looking for. A "hybrid" plate, so to speak. I would mate that plate with a circa 1988 Geze toepiece... (one of the best ever IMO), and a classic Salomon heel piece (it's been essentially unchanged since the 727). THEN you would have a sweet setup.
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It sounds like you want to buy a race plate, but you don't want the plate to do what it's designed to do. If you don't want the plate to affect anything, then don't use a plate at all. If all you want is lift, then flat mount a binding with a built in lifter.

Still, if you currenty ski a Marker WC plate and it works for you, why not just stick with what works? A Vist will undoubtebly be more damp and add a "heavier" feel to the skis. That doesn't appear to be what you're looking for.
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I will probably get the Marker Piston Plate. I just wanted to know if there are better choices out there. Thanks Real9999.

UP, i love the Hybrid design, you probably love your diablos, so what the problem? I will ask JEff Bergeron for his opinion on my Alu XT hybrid. It is nothing like the stock Alu at all. If my idea is bad everyone will know.

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Race Plate

The Elan Race WC race plate did not seem that stiff . There is a rubber insert in the middle that can be removed to make it softer .
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Try the Salomon poweraxe slalom race plate. You will probably find it a bit softer while still providing the benefits of a race plate
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