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Video Capture help, audio problem?

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I have been using Window Movie Maker to capture video from my digital camera which works great for the footage its self but dont know how to capture the audio. Is there a way to do it this program?, or do i need to get another program? You help would be greatly appreciated and by the end of next year will contribute to some stoke trust me. Just wanted to add the video camera for sure has a microphone.
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Are you using a digital camera or a DV camcorder? I know you said video in the last sentence of the post, but I just want to be clear before trying to figure out possible issues.
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Mini DV Video Camcorder. Samsung SC-D353 NTSC
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Try capturing to an .AVI file instead of a .WMV file. That used to work for me when a filter or two was misbehaving.
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AS "Iskitoofast" said, always capture, & save your master copies as avi files.

Also, if you continue to shoot & edit a lot of footage, you may want to step up to Adobe premier elements 2.0, or higher.

A little more involved, but the payoff is worth it.
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I am downloading Adobe Premier 6.5 as we speak, but might scratch the entire window thing all together adn go with Mac.
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Just to give you a competitive alternative, I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 6.0. The learning curve is intuitive with this product (I really struggled with Premiere). The program's strength is sound editing, but of course it comes with all the capture, editing, DVD authoring special effects. Personally, I like non-linear editing, and this makes it easy to drop in video clips, stills, sound, transitions, special effects and is easy to use. Its a bunch cheaper than Primere too. Upgrades are very discounted, but even a first copy is under $90.

This is a screen shot of a simple project in Vegas showing the video and sound timelines. This involves a music track and edited non-linear video cuts and stills with transitions. The interface should look real familiar. This shows the capability for multiple video, image, text and sound tracks and more can be added if needed. This program has the capability to produce full resolution DVD movies, and has a lot more features you are currently missing, including full control of your camera from the computer during capture.

Just for fun, the video in compressed online format at THIS LINK
Be sure turn on your sound, this is just a rock sound track Green Day. Not much content, just a hike/ski day.
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Yeah I was going to advise downloading Adobe Premiere Elements or Pro (if you're an advanced user) off of bittorrent. Windows Movie Maker sucks for all but the simplest tasks.
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Cirque, that looks a lot like the software page with my Kodak camera.
I have an easyshare with video capability, but rarely use the video mode because it wasn't the reason I got it and I really don't know what to do with the video once I get it down loaded.
It runs with Quicktime. Is that easy to work with?
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I just stole err got adobe for free.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA
I am downloading Adobe Premier 6.5 as we speak, but might scratch the entire window thing all together adn go with Mac.
Now you're talking! I've been playing around with video editing since I was in college, and have probably used every program out there. The problem I always ran into, even with high quality apps like Adobe, was that I was never serious enough to dedicate a machine to just editing. Due to that, I was constantly dealing with BSD's and other common PC frustrations on the hardware side of things.

I finally gave in and stepped over to the "darkside" (Mac) two years ago. I haven't looked back since. My current setup consists of a trusty 12" PB (1.33GHz/768MB RAM/80GB) for web/e-mail access & entertainment when I travel; a Mac Mini (1.67GHz/1GB RAM/120GB) used exclusively as a media server in my apartment; and my newest toy, a 17" Macbook Pro (2.16GHz/2GB/120GB) for media editing.

Anyone familiar with Movie Maker will be thrilled with the iLife suite. If you're interested in something more sophisticated, Final Cut Express HD is phenomenal.

P.S. Even though the above reads like a PR statement out of Cupertino, I don't work for Apple...although I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last week!
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I'm a fan of Premiere, and have found it to be pretty intuitive. The Pro takes a bit of learning, but Elements is very easy. For my needs, I use Elements, and it does a great job. Don't have to worry about codecs or anything. I've been using it to make DVDs of the various ski gatherings (check the Let's Go Colorado II thread) as well as DVDs of the World Cup games (recorded off TV).

EDIT: I must admit, I have not tried out many other video editing software, other than the shareware stuff found online. So technically, I cannot say if Premiere is better or worse than others out there.
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Get a Mac....
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Another thing you may want to look at in the future is another hard drive.

Dedicate the seperate hard drive for your video projects, avi files, & your stills.
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iskitoofast4u where do your store your video?

You seem to have not near enough hard drive space.

In the last 6 months I have stored over 250 gb of video on my gRaid drive...
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