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Fernie gets a lot of cola

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this from today's Fernie Powder Alert e-mail, which I received while skiing a nice new 12" dump at Lost Trail:




Legendary Epic Snowfall is back at Fernie Alpine Resort! We are pleased to highlight our latest snowfall stats today - 4 cm overnight, 52 cm in the past 48 hrs and 69 cm in the past week. Our total snow pack is a massive 224 cm! It is currently snowing moderately and this snow is expected to continue throughout the day bringing up to 15cm of fresh snow. Come out to Fernie for some turns and enjoy excellent slope conditions with deep, dry, light powder and silky corduroy groomers. You know you can't beat a friendly Fernie Smile! See you soon!

(just ask us! - we are here to answer all your queries, everyday)

(check out our latest event updates and photo of the day)

24 hour snowphone: 250-423-3555 or 403-244-6665
(updated at least twice a day with current slope conditions and weather)

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I'm not trying to piss you guys off, but...
I'm skiing this stuff!! :
It's amazing! Most of the area has been closed since the dump, hopefully it will open up tomorow...
See you here!
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