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Salsa recipes?

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Anybody have any good recipes? My tomatoes in the garden are starting to get big. I'm starting to get a little anxious. My standard is a mix of different chilie powders, cilantro, lime juice, roasted chiles, onions and sometimes some purreed chipoltle peppers.
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I've never used a recipe for salsa.

Generally, I drop the tomatoes into a pot of boiling water for a minute or so, to loosen the skin, then peel and quarter them, and drop them on a lubed cookie sheet. Then, I grab whatever peppers I have about, cut them into strips, removing the seeds and ribs, and toss them on the cookie sheet. Finally, I add an onion or two, also quartered, and however much garlic I want. The whole mess gets bronzed under the broiler. Check frequently, and pull anything that starts to get a little to crispy. If it is going to be a big batch, it may take several runs.

Then, I just toss the roasted veggies in a blender, add some salt, a couple of tablespoons of cider vinegar, hit the button a time or two to generate whatever degree of chop that you desire.

After blending, I typically add some finely chopped Cilantro, and a little sugar, to play off of tartness of the tomatoes and vinegar, and the heat of the peppers. Lime is good too, and if you like a strong lime flavor, find a fine grater, generate some lime zest (just the green surface of the lime, not the bitter white pith below) and add that in two. At this point, let your taste buds be your guide. It will taste differently after chilling, so don't go overboard on the extras at this point.

For peppers, I like Anchos, Poblanos, and one or two Habeneros. That said, I will use whatever I have on hand. While the latter variety are extremely hot, on their own, they add a lot of flavor, if used in small quanities. Be careful in handling and cleaning fresh habeneros. I like your idea of Chipotles, although if you aren't using canned, you will need to presoak the dried pods in a cup or so of very hot water, to soften.

If you like salsa verde, use tomatillios instead of the tomatoes. Free free to mix some into a tomatoe based salsa too. Just husk and wash them first. Those, I don't bother to peel.

I personally think the flavors come together after a few hours in the fridge. After chilling, I might add some more vinegar, salt or sugar to taste. I don't use chili powder with fresh salsa.
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Originally Posted by UTpowder
Anybody have any good recipes? My tomatoes in the garden are starting to get big. I'm starting to get a little anxious. My standard is a mix of different chilie powders, cilantro, lime juice, roasted chiles, onions and sometimes some purreed chipoltle peppers.
You're ingredients sound good! Any samples we can taste? "Taste buds, we don't need no stinking TASTE BUDS!":
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From a good friend of mine..

1. 4 whole tomatoes Diced
2. 1 green pepper, diced smaller
3. 1 bulb garlic Minced.
4. 6 Jalopeno peppers Minced, to taste
5. 1 Yellow onion, Medium size, diced.
6. 1/2 bunch Cilantro Chopped roughly.

7. 16 Oz Stewed tomatoes Drained and chopped.

8. Spices, 1/4 teaspoon salt,
1/4 Teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon oregano

Do 1-6. Then drain juices into a bowl. Chop up the stewed tomatoes and add them to the bowl along with the spices and mix..

I've made it several times. Different peppers for different flavors and heat..
Roasted peppers will also bring different flavors to the party.


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Here's one from a friend of mine:

Fast Eddies Salsa

1 28oz can of Hunts whole tomatoes

5 yellow chiles

1 Jalepeno chile

1 clove garlic chopped

1 handful of cilantro leaves

Dash of wine vinegar

Pinch of oregano

3-4 green onions chopped coarsely

Chili de Arbol this creates the heat use 4 or less (comes in a package)

1 yellow can of El Pato chili tomatoe sauce


1. Boil the jalepeno and yellow chiles for about 2 min. take off the heat and cover.

2. Add ½ can of tomatoes to blender

3. Add handful of whole cilantro leaves

4. Add pinch of oregano

5. Add 1 garlic clove chopped

6. Add a dash of wine vinegar

7. Add 3 or 4 green onions coarsely chopped

8. Add 3 o 4 Chili de Arbol (small dried red Chili) this is where the heat comes from, adjust accordingly

9. Add de-stemmed chiles

10. add El Pato

11. Add rest of Hunts tomatoes

12. Don’t blend too much just until vortex reaches the top of blender Should be chunky.
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Finally everything in the garden is ready for salsa. I made my first batch last weekend. It was incredible. I put 4 anahiem chilies and a couple jalepenos on the grill. They went straight from the garden to the grill. I also put on a basket with some tomitillios along with a couple smaller tomatoes. After they were good and roasted I removed the skins from the peppers chopped the tomitillios and tomatoes. Put in some fresh squeezed lime juice and sent my daughter out to pick a bunch of cilantro which I chopped and added. I also added a couple more non roasted tomatoes and finely chopped onion. For the spices I added some california, new mexico and nego chillie powder and some crushed cheyanne peppers and a pinch of cummin.. I then tossed some very thin sliced steaks that I had matinated in a mixture of the above above spices, lime juice and a little oil on the grill. When the steaks were done I put them on corn tortillias for me, flour for my wife with the salsa and some guacamole. It all came togther just as the sun was going down I sat on the back deck watched the sun go down ate and sipped a margarita. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The only way it could have been better was if I had spent the day on the slopes.
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I bet SMJ has recipe for Mango Salsa...
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Originally Posted by RiDeC58 View Post
I bet SMJ has recipe for Mango Salsa...

mango...a little firm
cucumber, seeded
red pepper
jalapeno or other pepper
rice wine vinegar or lime
thai basil

Use the amounts you ain't rocket science

dice the mango, cucumber and red pepper. shread the basil. fine chop the garlic. mix together with vinegar or lime juice.

Roast the chili; skin, and depending on how hot you want, remove inner ribs and seeds. If working w/ very hot chilis, wash your hands after handling. Dice the chili and add to mix.

Let salsa sit to blend flavors


Cilantro instead of basil
Use prepared chili/garlic paste
Dash of fish sauce (nuc mah or nam plam)

Goes great on bbq'd fish.
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here's my summer contribution (most of the ingredients are out of season the rest of the year).

Use your own sense of proportion in the recipes. I don't measure any recipes of any kind except for baking (or when I'm trying something for the first time).


Watermelon - diced these first, place in bowl, sprinkle with large granule salt, and let it sit for about 15 minutes (this will help bring out the juice)

Tomatoes I try to keep the proportions of watermelon and tomatoes about the same, with them diced the same size.

Purple onion - finely diced

Black eyed peas

Green chilis - fresh roasted if they're available, otherwise I use hatch diced canned

Corn - fresh roasted, again, if available

Key limes - juice and pulp, usually I use about 4 - 6 limes

Spearmint - again, all ingredients should be fresh if possible

Black pepper - freshly ground

Oregano - fresh if available

Mix it all together by hand, cover, and refrigerate about 1 - 2 hours (to give the flavors time to mix together)

Note: don't mix or chop with a food processor, it will turn to mush and make the onions bitter.

That's it, enjoy.
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Originally Posted by irul&ublo View Post
Dash of fish sauce (nuc mah or nam plam)

Goes great on bbq'd fish.
Hadn't thought of that, hmmmmm.

I did use thai basil instead of mint one time. Gave the salsa a kinda licoricy taste.
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According to TV, only cave men eat Mango Salsa... with their duck..... Better check with Geico!
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Every summer I can (jar) about 60 jars of salsa.....

So it's about:
25 lbs of tomatoes, skinned & chopped
15 lbs of peppers, seeded & chopped
3 lbs of onions, skinned & chopped
1/2 cup of black pepper or to taste
salt to taste
garlic powder
about 1/4 cup cayenne pepper
hot sauce to taste
1 small can tomato paste
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 lb chopped, seeded jalapeno peppers

Mix all ingredients, bring to a boil & can in jars....for a smaller batch, adjust ingredients & place in a plastic container & refrigerate.....

I can't adjust for a small batch sorry! But the flavors blend well & it's the taste that counts!
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I look forward to trying all of these. What I do:

Tomatoes, onions, garlic, chillies in a food processor.

Strain in a fine sieve (you can reserve the liquid for use in making a chilli sauce later) to leave you with a pulp.

Mix the pulp with lemon juice, cilantro, basil, oregano, salt and cumin.

Chill and serve.

It's easy and tasty. Straining it gives a more intense flavor, basically taking out the water and replacing it with a smaller amount of lemon juice.
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Mango Habanero Salsa recipe found in one of Mark Miller's Coyote Cafe cookbooks. Outstanding!
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