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Rossi Viper S vs. Saphir Classic

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Hi again all!

Anyone have an opinion on the difference between these 2 skis?

I have been searching hi and low for the Saphir CLASSIC (the most performance oriented of the 5 Saphir varieties out this year). I cannot find it in a 150. I have been demoing many skis this year and found the Saphir VS locally. I have skied it in a 150 and 160, and like the 150 best, BY FAR.

Today, at a ski shop in So Cal, I found the Viper S in a 150 cm length. Price is okay (but by no means a steal).

2 years ago, I did demo the T Power Viper, and liked it, coming off a pair of too long Atomic 9.18 (170 cm). I think I demo'd the Viper in a 160.

I know that the dimensions on the Saphir Classic the Saphir VS and the Viper I saw today are the same (103-65-93). How different will they ski. If I can talk these guys into a deal, should I do it? This Viper has a plate (and the Classic has something like a plate on it this year as well).

I asked the Rossi website the differences between the Classic and the VS, and it was obvious that the person I emailed was just looking in their catalogs, and seemed to have little hands on knowledge of the products. So, I come to you, as Epic Ski has been so much more helpful!

Oh, and about me, I am a 5'2", 145 lbs, high intermediate, low advanced female, who is working to move to the next level (and looks forward to the academy!)

Thanks again--
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Dont know if they have a 150 available or not, but their prices are usually good (and remember they're in Canadian $)

Corbett's Sports
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Thanks Tag! I'll check it out. Any thoughts on the differences between the 2 skis?

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Sorry, Casey. I don't know too much about the Viper line-up, having not skied a Rossi ski in several years. As a general rule, women's skis tend to be a bit lighter, a bit softer and have a slightly forward mounting position for the bindings than a men's/unisex ski. I'm taking a guess, from looking at the listings on Peter Keelty's website, that the Classic is a bit softer and is a little less of a performance ski than the Viper. But, it's just a guess.... :

Give Corbett's a call. Maybe you'll get lucky and get a sales rep that knows the Rossi line.
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I just bought my lovely wife a pair of Volkl V3 Carvers in 149. She is taller than you but weighs about the same. She LOVES those skis. And for the first time ever she was able to link turns in a narrow fall line trail down the whole slope. By the end of the day she even rolled into some nice carved turns.
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I bought some Viper S's for my wife at Christmas, she is 5'2" and 110lbs. The shop we bought them from said she would need a 140cm pair.

Her previous ski was a 160cm Salomon Pilot8. She really likes the Viper S, finding it much easier to move from edge to edge and holds much better on hard snow/ice. She tried the Saphir with the pink flowers on (don't know the name!) for ½ a day, but didn't like it.

I think the Viper S has improved her skiing, allowing her to move up to really good carving all the time. The Viper S seems to work well in all conditions, although it isn't the best in deep snow! I guess this is 140cm length. I've remounted my 160cm 1080's for her to use off piste to fix this problem.

Hope this helps
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Thanks Folks!

Long -- I would have loved to try the Volkl's . . . BUT I was limited in demo'ing as there wasn't much available locally. This was the limitation in most of my demos this year. Not much around, and what was available wasn't short.

Wheelie -- The ski you described is the Saphir Fun. It is a step below the Classic, w/a wider footprint. The Classic has the same dimensions as the Viper S, so it should be similarly quick. The Vipers that I had access to were a 150 cm, so I thought about going to a 140 in those (but none of those available here either!)

Luckily, I found the Saphir Classic online via a brick and morter shop in Texas (1/2 way across the US from me). I just got them in the mail today! The shop was friendly and quick. In addition, they were on sale! I can highly recommend www.warminghut.com .

Thanks for everyones' help! I'll let you know how I like the skis.

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And, I forgot to thank Tag. Yes, Corbett's did have the ski. And by the time I called them, they sold the last 3 pairs! I could have cried! They seemed nice to deal w/as well.

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