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Just curious, is anyone here from the southern hemisphere? If so, where do think is the best value? Any info would be appreciated.
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I reside down under in New Zealand. I am biased and think that NZ would be best value. Our currency is so poor that everyone elses dollars go a long way here. There have been a couple of message about New Zealand in 'Resorts and Travel'. We had a price war on seasons pass which allow us to buy seasons passes for $299 NZ - which is about $140 USD. This finished at the end of April.

NZ has commercial ski areas plus a lot of club fields. At the club fields, you can get ski weeks for about $400 NZ which includes lift passes, accom and meals. It is hostel style accomodation , and you have to do chores, and they only have rope tows. But if you don't like the commercial skiing experience and like going back country, this is a very cheap holiday.

has links into all the ski areas. Can then find accomodation from there.
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what twokiwis said....NZ by far the best value.
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