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Powder Mountain lift upgrade

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Just visited the PowMow site during lunch and noticed this shot of the new Hidden Lake lift. If you've skied PowMow and ridden the old Hidden Lake lift, then the thread a few weeks ago with the guy repeating ,"this lift's so slow ... " really takes on some meaning.

I've literally taken a nap while riding up the old Hidden Lake lift. Hopefully the new will be a big improvement.
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About 9 years ago, my wife and I went skiing (first time) at Paoli Peaks north of Louiville, KY with the church youth group. We liked it and someone said the skiing out west was much better so the next year we booked a flight to Salt Lake.
That Hidden Lake double was our first ride up a mountain and it still carries some nostalgia for us. We were very much in awe of the mountains, the scenery and the skiing. It has never mattered to us that it runs slow. we just like the place. PM is still my wife's favorite. One of the advantages of that slow lift is that the runs were never crowded. With the slow lift and so many runs off of it, we never had to fight for a line down the mountain.
That new quad will be nice but we will surely miss the old double.
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