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Rush Limbaugh can't get it up

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Viagra story

This is so funny in soo many ways, you don't have to write any punch lines. But that's not going to stop me...

If you have a detention for longer than 3 hours, see your Doctor immediately.
You may be a raving hypocritical conservative if .... illegally prescribed Viagra helps you suck your own member, in public.
Silly Republican, Democrats are the only ones who are allowed to have sex in airports!
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Rush does dodge the draft because on an "undisclosed medical problem" :

Rush marries Roxy McNeeley (now if she ain't a character out of Mickie Spillane .. ??) ... and divorces soon due to "incompatibility".

Rush marries Michelle Sixta, and usherette and a year later ... :

Rush marries Martha Fitzgerald but again, that ends in a divorce for "private reasons" ... maybe Martha fits Gerald but Rush couldn't Fitzmartha?

Is there a pattern here?
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You would need help too, being a prick all the time.
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Originally Posted by therusty
Viagra story
illegally prescribed Viagra helps you suck your own member, in public.
Holy s::t. You got the inside scoop this time.

I wouldn't think Rush would be so limber

But he is a snake .So it doesn't surprise me in any way

Anyone got pictures or do we have to get the Daily News for that?
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Oooh - pictures - hadn't thought of that. I'll have to check my serious news source (the Star). Keep those punch lines coming people!
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Man, he got the shaft! He'd better get a good lawyer or he's gonna get a stiff sentence and do some hard time.
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Just another, not yet, dead druggie.
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Pill poppin hypocrite. Junkie has been
He thinks he is above the law.
He needs to be spanked.
This time by the gov not by hoes
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Who .... Ruuuuuuuuuuush Limpaugh?
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In defense of Rush, you don't have to need it to enjoy it.

On a different note; Bar Bet-

Next time you need a good wager for a bet, suggest a tattoo on one's unit while high on viagra.

What would your tattoo be? Flames? Scales?
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Maybe he should speak to the North Koreans - they're not having problems getting missiles fired off...
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Just don't pull a premature forty second kim jung spill.
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Tatoos, how about "Welcome to Jamaica Mon."
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Sounds like Rush needs the prescription if he is afflicted with mycoxafloppin.
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He need it to keep his neck straight.
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