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GREAT! Last day.

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April 18.
Midwest superpark jam at Marquette Mountain. I am not at all into the new school jumping and rail scene, but in honor of these crazy kids, I broke out a pair of bright red stretch pants, a padded Steffner sweater, Scott boots and Hart Freestyle skis for the day. Of course none of the competitors would remember the late '70's when my get-up was the coolest "hot dog" outfit to be had.
Anyway, it was about 60 and sunny. You had to look hard to find a bare spot. Surprisingly good skiing conditions. A great end to a great season.

Of course, to complete the image, I skied with my legs locked together, swiveled the hips and swung the poles.

I found a site where some guys posted some pictures:

Midwest Superpark
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good for you for doing it up- did you go big?
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Are you frickin' nuts? NO! Did you see the size of those jumps? My Scott boots would have broken in half!!! I just watched, and drank a few beers.
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Did you have your flaming daughter on your back?

That woulda been the shiznit!!
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