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2006 Tour de France - Page 11

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"What am I on? I'm on the bike. What are you on?"

I still believe him.
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Here is a nice article (with comments) about the whole doping allegation re: Landis:


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Originally Posted by jstraw
"What am I on? I'm on the bike. What are you on?"

I still believe him.
I did for a long time. I thought he would be an idiot to take any of these drugs while still concerned about cancer returning.

A former teammate of his assured me that I just didn't know Lance, and that he would do anything to win. Then the irrefutable evidence piled up against every person he used to race against. Teammates and staff with nothing to gain spoke up. The evidence from the L'Equipe articles may look like a nationalist witch hunt to an American, until you actually read the medical evidence. The evidence is pretty damning. The report supposedly exonerating him is mostly concerned with protocol violations, not faulty testing. Believe it or not, they have real doctors and labs in France.

I know people will belive what they hope to be true. I'd love believe in Lance's performances. I was following the tour for the entire month the first time he won.

I'd like to believe Ullr will bring me fresh powder as well.
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Cardboard hand

Originally Posted by newfydog View Post
See my post #86. I have an actual PMU hand, from the Tour. It is glossy coated cardboard.
HELP! I am trying to locate one of those hands for some promotional work we do in Australia. How could I get one as I need to understand the design so I can get a quote here in Aus.

I'll borrow or buy it from you. I am in Paris next week if that helps. Are they available in Paris? Where did youget yours?
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