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Rossi FKS bindings

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I wasreadiing some stuff on the TGR web site saying that Rossi was going to continue making the all metal FKS bindings for quite some time. This has been my binding of choice for longer than I care to remember(it makes me feel old when I look at my Kneissel White Stars with Look turntable bindings). The rumor has it that the brakes will handle ultra fat skiis. Has any here on this web site heard the same thing? I'd even pay full retail if that's the case.
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What's wrong with bending the brakes? Works just fine from everybody I know that's done it. Anyhow, I was told that there will be a fat brake Look version with graphics to match the new LP / XXL. I saw such a 07 LP / P18 setup in Whistler back in March so I'm asuming this is true.

For Rossi, rumour is that there is a green FKS squad version. They have a green squad plug for 07 that's already floating around so it's likely that there's a comparable binding too.
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The P18 Freeride is supposed to come with a wide brake that will fit up to 110mm. Bneding the brakes is fine too, they are steel so it does nto weaken them. They are going to try and make a green FKS Binding, but they do not know if they are going to get it made in time for 2007. Rossignol is making a green Axial 2 Binding and the Freeride FKS 18 is black.

Look P18

Rossignol FKS 18 Freeride

The BSquad boot should be available in the next month or two.
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