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Stupid Snow in Boston

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So is this annoying storm even going to help any mountains in New England?

It looks like the heaviest snow is in eastern Mass.
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It all depends tomorrow how the winds gonna swing... I'm crossin' 'all' my fingers!
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Or… what about installing a giant magnet on a top of each mountain?! Do you think we can at least attract the storm that way on a path of a more practical nature? Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures… or vice versa!
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Looks like the storm moved a little bit SE. Yesterday it looks like it'd hit at least central VT/NH/ME but now it looks like metrowest Boston is the max zone.

Looks like the Wa and Nashoba are going to get the jackpot.
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Powder daize at Plattekill tomorrow!...Looks like the Catskills are also the benefactors here. But alas, I have to earn a living. Sigh.
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I am starting to feel the onset of the dreaded "WHITE FEVER"

A guy hasta use his time off for something!


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Sugarbush got 6" last night, probably another 1" today. It's very dry snow, but with light winds it pretty much stayed where it fell.

Scored 2nd chair on castlerock after it was closed for the last two weeks....doesn't get much better than that.
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SundayRiver got ~2-3" while Sugarloaf got an inch ....another one that scooted eastward instead of up the coast....the fingers are crossed.
*At least the temps are pretty nice though, given the direction in which last week's temps were heading....
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It all went south. We got a couple of inches. We reallly needed some decent snow!
Any weather gurus seeing anything useful in the offing?
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Western Mass got 8" of very dry snow. Snow showers tonight and into tomorrow morning, another 3" expected.

I'm happy, kept my little area open another week.
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What's the closing date now, Bryan? Will I be able to ski on Saturday?

I'm scheduled to work Wednesday-Friday this week, 12-9. Damn. I couldn't even go for a while in the morning. I even tried to bribe a coworker into taking part of a shift.

PS. Yes, it's me, the Bear Cub, under my new moniker.
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Queen B Skiing is great there. Some of the best all season.

The closing date is now the last weekend in March. The owner extended it a week. However the area will be closed during the week next week. And only opens at 12 this week. Pleanty of snow, no custormers. A common complaint around here.

Missed you last weekend. You should have come to the B'east with us.
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Dang, Bryan, I had to work last Sunday....8-5.

I'll see you tomorrow....I'm thinking of showing up early to ski while it's still Daylight. I can't recall the last time I skied when the sun was out!
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