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Wanted - Magfire 10's

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I am after some magfire 10's at 168cm... I think the 176's maybe a bit too long... but I am welcome to educated opinions. I am 186cm @ 97kg and advanced intermediate skiing ability.
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I demoed the Mag 10's in a 168 last year at the beginning of the season. I'm about 184cm, 92kg, and I thought the 168 was a little too short. I was skiing with one of the Elan reps, and we were ripping right along, so if you don't ski real agressively, than the 168 might be just fine, although it did feel a little soft to me. Where do you live and/or ski most of the time? Are you looking for new or used? Would be a good time to pick up a pair of new leftovers on the cheap if you can find some, and I think you probably can.
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Thanks for reply Mac.

Yes I am becoming more aggressive on the slopes and really looking for a ski to take me to the next level so to speak. I am from Victoria, Australia and ski Hotham and Buller (both on and off piste) mainly so conditions can vary from ice to soft without any substantial deep 'powder' but all in all they do vary quite a bit.

Yeah I thought I'd opt for something a little softer and more forgiving assist me in moving forward. I thought the 12's may be a bit too unforgiving for me at this stage, but I haven't demoed.

I am happy to grab something used also.
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Sounds like the Mag 10 would be a good ski for you. Pretty much what you are looking for in a ski. Quite forgiving, and wide enough to be versatile in most conditions. Not as insistent on turning all the time like the Metrons tend to be. Unfortunatley, I don't know of any ski shops in your neck of the woods that carry them, but I'm sure if you look around enough you should be able to find some.
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I'm happy to buy in your neck of the woods!

U.S. + shipping = much cheaper than Aus!
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Not a great deal - but available: http://www.untracked.com/highlight-175915.html
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Thanks for the spot ts!

But you're right .. they are a bit pricey.
Was hoping to snag a better deal. Still looking.
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Shopping complete!

Magfire 10's for $490.00
+ Atomic B11 boots for $219.00

Even with shipping still saved around US$500....
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Where did you get the magfire 10's?

I was wondering where you found such a great deal on the magfire 10's. I am currently looking at either the 8 or the 10 in preparation for next winter. I've had difficulty finding 10's available. The only 8 I've found is listed at $425.

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Hi John,

I picked up the last 2006 pair at ski-depot, plus the guys there were very accommadating.

I did a quick search a found another reasonable price at erapro, but they do seem to be thinning out in supply.
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