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Bozeman Bound Baby!

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Just bought my tickets, I am heading to Bozeman March 8th through March 16th!! After 22 years of skiing this is my first real trip out west (I don't really count Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camp when I was 9). We will be doing 4 days at Big Sky, 2 days at Bridger, and 1 day backcountry. I am so stoked!!! They just got 6 feet of snow!!
So, any pointers on where to go while I am out there? What trails to hit? What I should not miss?

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I'll update this closer to the date since things change rapidly around here.

For one, consider a trip to Discovery Basin which is 120 miles from Bozeman. Its smaller than Bridger but really captures the small Montana resort atmosphere.

At Big Sky hit the tram during the week, the earlier in the week the better. If they get snow followed by sunshine hit Shedhorn chair early. It usually has great powder but the powder mushes out in the sun.

If you hit spring thaw/freeze conditions start on Thunder Wolf chair who's runs thaw first. As it melts head to Lone Mountain and work yourself up hill as the day goes by.

At Bridger take the mountain tour the resort hosts give.
Bridger is about 1/3 the size but you'll miss lots of it if you don't know your way around. If you have avalanche gear bring it so you can do the Ridge. Bribe a local with promises of beer or dinner so they'll show you the way, though.

I don't stay for dinner while at Big Sky so I don't have recommendations for restaurants. In Bozeman I like Spanish Peaks for Italian food, Montana Ale Works for microbrewery fare and The Garage for soup and Buffalo wings.
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Our conditions are great! We've gotten so much snow at Bridger we're having to remake all the bumps. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Give a holler at the ski school when you get to Bridger, I'd be happy to take you for a quick tour when I'm not teaching. You staying on the mountain at Big Sky or are you staying in Bozemen? Welcome to Montana. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thanks for the inside track.

I am staying in Bozeman with a guy who has lived there for a couple of years.
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