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First day I skied last season I got all suited up in the lodge and reached into my bag for my gloves.  Nada, not even a some liners.  Then I remembered they were all in a big bag of extra ski gear.  I did not need another pair of gloves so I headed for the lost and found box where odd gloves and mittens end up.  I found two gloves, not a pair, that fit, mostly, and headed out.  Thought my hands would freeze before I got to the top of the lift, but I did get in several runs that day.  When I got home the first thing I did was put the gloves in my ski bag.


Many years ago I drove all the way from Denver to Cheesman Canyon for fly fishing only to discover that I somehow forgot the reel.  A couple of years ago I forgot my cycling shoes at home when I drove to meet some people for an evening ride.

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Reheated threads are better the next day!  (decade)


My friends picked up my son and me, and we were halfway to Stratton when I realized we'd left our boots.  If it had been just me, I'd have been mad, and I was.  But it was pretty embarrassing inconveniencing the friends.  We turned around, and I called my wife, and that totally sweet, charming, kind and generous thing said, "You wait in Westminster.  I'll bring them to you."


I've never done that again.

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I just returned from a camping trip.  As we were crossing the bridge over the lake down the road from the campsite it hit me.  I forgot the damn bait.  The worms were sitting at home in the fridge.  Luckiest damn worms EVER!.  Anyway, some of the other scout dads brought plenty so I didn't have to drive back down the road to the bait store/gas station and buy more. 


All in all a good time.  And, not the first time I've forgotten the bait either..redface.gif

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