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Treble Cone, Wanaka New-Zealand

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Im going to the race academy over there this summer... Anyone ever been. I heard its an amazing mountain but I dont really know what to expect..
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Wanaka is a beautiful place and Treble Cone is an interesting mtn. Treble Cone has minimal infrastructure, ie only a handful of lifts a couple of which are drag lifts. There is some excellent terrain but a good deal of that may not be accessible unless they have a big snow year. I was there 2 summers ago when they had their biggest snowfall in 10 years. We skiied quite of bit of terrrain that had simply been bare rock in previous seasons. Overall a great time and certainly a change from the experience here in the US. The drive up the mountain from Wanaka is quite a ride. Have fun.
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Sweet thanks a lot.
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Yeah, its actually changed a bit since then - all the drag lifts are gone; only chairlifts now. TC is regarded as being one of the more challenging commercial ski areas here in New Zealand, with some great lift accessed chutes and backcountry skiing.
This season is shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory; most ski areas have more snow already than anytime last season. You will find TC (and all New Zealand ski areas) different to North American resorts - no trees, more basic facilities generally, no accommodation on-field (except for club ski areas), and generally fewer restrictions on backcountry access.
There are also a couple of other good ski areas within close range to Wanaka (where you'll probably be staying) - Cardrona and Snow Park. A bit further away near Queenstown are Coronet Peak and the Remarkables. All excellent ski areas. If you've got time after your course you should also try some of the Canterbury ski areas, about three hours north of TC.
You can find information about all of these here http://www.snow.co.nz/
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Sweet thanks alot for all the info... Anything else I should know about going to NZ?
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The foreign exchange rate helps your money go a long way here.

We drive on the other side of the road.

Our snow is heavier than the US, a lightpowder day for us would be considered a heavy day by some US and Canadian ski areas.

There are no trees above the snow line, so no tree skiing, all alpine.

You have to drive up 'interesting' mountain roads to get to the ski areas - awlays carry chains - if you don't like heights, then don't look down when travelling up the TC road.

The towns are below the snow line, which means you can do other actitivites such as mountain biking, running etc.
North facing slopes are the warmest - opposite to northern hemisphere.

We make great coffee, and our coffee terminology differs to yours. We have lattes etc, but also have 'flat white' and 'long black'. We have a wide variety of restaurents compared to the US, no chains, lots of original menus.

And you NEVER EVER have to tip, and tax is ALWAYS included in all prices from the supermarkter to the resturents. So the price listed is exactly what you pay. Some restaurents have a tip jar on the counter, but it is not expected.

You have chosen to come to the best ski town in NZ - nicest town, and best mountains, and amazing scenery. I am off to Wanaka this weekend :-)
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Gosh this trip sound better and better every day :P..Thank you for everything.
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Treble Cone

Originally Posted by TMAS29
Gosh this trip sound better and better every day :P..Thank you for everything.
Treble Cone is the best skifield in the South Island of NZ in my opinion
and has plenty of wide fast groomed runs so if you have some long
GS race skis you will defineitly enjoy. There is plently of off piste and hiking
(backcountry) terrain also. The mountain has 2 faces the main face and the saddle basin
with the saddle basin terrain being mostly ungroomed wide chutes.
TC does not get as crowded as the other big mountains in the South
Island due to it having a reputation as being too steep so shorter lift ques.
The closest town Wanaka has about 5 ski shops and supermarket
about 3/4 hr to Treble Cone check www.treblecone.co.nz Not the
best mountain to find your way around when visibility is poor so
hope your first day is a fine one. If you are able to travel 4hrs north
check out Mt Hutt which is well worth a visit www.nzski.com . This website will also give you info on the 2 Queenstown mountains
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