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Meniscus Repair Today

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Well I had my partial meniscectomy this morning. Fortunately only had to remove about 5%.

I had noted to my Orthopod that I had a serious knee sprain 20 years back and wondered whether I didn't have a partial tear back then which ripped further when I had by yard sale in Quebec this past winter. After the scope it turns out my old injury was related. My 20 yr old injury was a 50% tear of my ACL: . I had given him full consent to do whatever he thought was a best practice if he found anything unexpected on the scope. He says he him and hawed when he saw the tear, but elected to leave it alone. He remembered having taken a detailed history, including my activity level, and figured if I had gotten along that well for 20 years, it was better left alone. The connection between the meniscus tear and the old injury was, he figured, a limited bit of play in the joint from the ACL tear that allowed the meniscus tear to occur. He has set me up for PT with specific focus on strengthening around the ACL.

Long story. Short of it is that I feel great this evening. The knee is a little sore, but I am weight bearing and able to handle stairs . Doc said I could probably try a return to light running in 2-3 weeks, but no contact sports for 6 weeks. His main recommendation was start riding my bike as comfort permits. He thought about 1 week. AND you cant have too much biking as long as the knee feels stable

Thanks for the ear fellow ski junkies
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Whew. Sounds like a good outcome. Good luck with the rehab, etc.

I'm in a similar boat - 10 days post-op after ACL reconstruction (allograft) and microfracturing of femoral something or other to repair cartilage damage. I won't be weight-bearing for a long while so I have to admit I'm a little jealous of your prompt recovery. But grateful in any event there's surgeons who can put humpty-dumpty together again ... it'll be worth the wait to get a functioning knee back.
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