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evil leprechaun

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The golf course was haunted by a malicious, evil leprechaun who exploited the ambitions of the poorer players. He popped up beside one unfortunate man who was participating in a club competition.

"Look," he said, "if you agree never to court a woman, flirt with a girl or marry, I' l l help you win."

"Done," shouted the young golfer. The leperechaun was very pleased with conniving ways, and chuckled merrily.

When the golfer was in the clubhouse being praised by the other members, the leprechaun popped up on the shelf of the locker. "Hey," said the little elf, "I have to have your name for my records. What is it?"

"Father Murphy," grinned the golfer as he adjusted his Roman collar.
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Different Golfer, Different Course.

One day a golfer hooks it off the seventh tee into the woods.
Looking for his ball he notices a track where it rolled through the loose dirt and into a gopher hole at the base of a tree. Poking his club down the hole he looses a Genie. "I am the Genie of the seventh hole and I will grant you your wish of either a better sex life or a better golf game."
The golfer chooses a better Golf game and goes on to win the Club championship that summer.
Next spring, same hole, he hooks it into the woods again, same track same gopher hole, same genie, same choice ".. a better sex life or a better golf game." Knowing how well it worked last year he chooses a better Golf Game and goes on to become State Amature Champ.
Next Spring, same-O same-O. Golfer decides this year he is going to go Pro and chooses a better golf game. The Genie is entrigued. "Buddy you must have a great sex life, how often you gettin it, three times a day?
"Nawh" the Golfer answers."
The Genie asks "Three times a week?"
"Not even that." the golfer answers "more like twice a month."
"And you are happy with that?" the Genie querries.
The Golfer replies "Welllll, it is a small parish."
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