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Originally Posted by Bonni
Don't let a guy who can't spell 'Gary' give you grief about spelling your name, Conur.
Yeah . It's actually spelled Garri but i thought no one would notice
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Welcome Connor!
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Originally Posted by GarryZ
Hey Konnore, How do you like us so far?

Feels like home doesn't it?
haha, it's all good. Kind of does feel just like home
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New Guy

Welcome Connor. Great site. So you're thinking snow and skiing 2 days after June 21 - yep the days are getting shorter. On June 20 the sun set at 9:40 PM today it will set at 9:39 so the snows just around the corner - well anyway we're on the downside.

I noticed you said you ski out west in BC. Where? I move to N Idaho 3 yrs ago and have been teaching all 3 winters so this year I'm not going to teach AND want to go into Canada BC and Alberta and ski. Can you give me some informati0on on what you liked, disliked etc.

Welcome from the area of great snow/powder and NO crowds. Pete
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Pete No. Idaho,

I am sorry for the confusion. I didn't mean British Columbia, I meant "back country" skiing. I mess around alot in the High Peaks Region around my house. There are quite a few steep slides around this area and various other patches that are pretty fun. As well as VT and NH.
I have a friend that lives right by Golden CO. I visit him and we ski A-Basin, Keystone, and Vail. He also has led some pretty fun back country trips on Resolution Mtn. We stayed at a hut below Resolution Peak. I believe he said they were 10th Mtn Division's. Not sure though I will ask him. Anyways that was a blast. We stayed out there for 4 days and skinned all over the place. There was a bowl pretty much right in front of the hut and the skin to the summit was quick and easy.
My brother in-law, him, and I get Jackson Hole at least once a winter. Sometimes more. But out of all the places I have ever been I would highly Jackson hole by far.
I have never skiid in Utah and us 3 are starting to talk about a trip there this winter. That is pretty much what got me searching around for ski sites and pictures, etc. LOL That is how I found Epic.
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