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To pick out 3 ? You've got to be kidding!

Every choice will be biased, are you are racer or a free skier... The selections made are all worthy of the title "World's Best".

Phil? Of course he's in there, After all he did win a number of races, Olympics and Overall WC's.
But lets take a look at history-.

I haven't heard anybody mention Christian Pravda. He was so innovative in his time, his peers had no chance of keeping up with him. Just as they learned one thing from him, he had improved it to a degree which kept him well ahead of the class. In fact, much of what he developed is still being used as the foundation for contemporary skiing!
Thoeni, Stenmark, Mahre, Zurbriggen, Ghiradelli, Tomba, Maier, et al, all used or are using variations of CP's technique.

And remember that Schmidt and Nobis were both racers. The new crew are just expanding on where they have been.

But most notably missing are the women-!!!
Anne-Marie Moser-Proell, Fabian Serrat, Vreni Schneider, Tamara McKinney, Andrea Mead Lawrence (who still skis often sans poles), and so many others. They skied with passion and fire, with technique, rather than power/ strength (not that they didn't have it) and were too often kept in the background. Leading the new womens movement like Kim Reichelm (formerly a top racer) and others.

Give all the athletes their due! To pick three would be like trying to pick out the 3 best looking men or women in the world! An impossible task.

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All time:

1 - Killy
2 - Girardelli
3 - Sailer


1 - Miller
2 - Aamodt
3 - Eberharter
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Originally posted by Lars:
There are hundreds of skiers out there whom, given the opportunity to ski all over the world for money, such as making ski flicks, competing in events, etc. or just filthy rich enough to ski wherever or whenever the hell one wants to, could vie for the best skier catagory. There are better skiers out there than the famous ones we read about or see in movies believe me. I'd like to think that given the chance many of us on this site could have been, some might still be. I've skied with some awesome skiers including Glen Plake, whom I would rate in the top three catagory.
Hey sorry to bring you back to reality, but no, your friend is not among the best skiers in the world. You can say "Sure he can be if he skied more" but that's like me saying that I could be as good as Michael Jordan if I played basketball more, which is obviously a ridiculous statement.
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Nobody has mentioned tanner hall yet. Even if I don't like him, he is probably the best jibber out there right now.
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1.Dianna Golden
2. Stenmark
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Originally posted by vail snopro:

Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson wasn't actually as good a skier as a lot of people think. And Einstein was pretty much a technical specialist. I don't know the other guy.
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Golden certainly belongs on anyone's list of candidates.
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I'll agree that Dianne Golden does belong, if we are going to break out by category.
And if that's the case, include my good friend, Greg Manino, winner of huge numbers of Para- Olympic and Para - WC medals, in all disciplines. (and by the way- he kicks a$$ on most two legged skiers here in Vail!!!)

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Greg Rocks!!
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