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3 Best Skiers

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Alright, who do you all think are the best 3 skiers (in any discipline)?

My votes:

1) Dominique Perret
2) Hermann Maier
3) PY Leblanc
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I 3 favorites might not be the best but who I enjoyed watching

1. Ingemar Stenmark
2. Scot Schmidt
3. Any of the "new school" freeskiers... Auclair, Cussoin, 3 Philippes.
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I enjoy the technical racing events most. As such Stenmark would certainly be top my list. The Mahre twins would also be contenders. I personally enjoy watching Bode Miller ski.

There have been so many great skiers over time that it is very difficult to come up with a list of three. As a technical events racer, Stenmark, with the most World Cup victories in World Cup history, would deserve a place in my mind as one of the three greatest skiers in that catagory. Even he was critizized by some for not competing in the speed events.
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1) Me
2) Gonzo

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Those three and four year olds just out of ski school with 18 inch skis and fearless determination! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Am I allowed 4?

Never mind, I'm giving 4, and they are my 4 favourite people:
1. Me
2. Myself
3. I
4. My evil twin that shares my body.

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1. I saw Goofy huck at least a 300 foot air off a 90-meter kicker in a Disney movie once. He didn't stick it, but the pooch has got guts... and guts go a long way.

2. James Bond. Only guy I've ever seen squeeze 10,000 vertical feet out of a 2,300 ft. run. That's gotta take some talent.

3. Kamikaze in "Hot Dog: The Movie". The way he flashes steep bowls while doing 8-10 consecutive face-plants is worthy of mention at the very least. I haven't seen anyone duplicate that move. A mortal like me can only imagine the skill it takes to pull off something like that.

That's my top three. Seriously. everyone outside this trio is a no-talent HACK.

"'Course that's just my opinion. I could be wrong."

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1. Seth morrison
2. evan raps
3. jp auclair
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Stenmar, Maier, McConkey
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DangerousBrian is funny

You all know I'm partial. I'll still say the best all around skier I've seen is HH. The guy is 52 and he's amazing. A real inspiration he is...

I'm dying to ski with the DesLauries. I've heard Eric is just as smooth as HH...

The guys in the Warren Miller movies have balls, but their skills could be way better...

1) Stenmark
2) Plake
3) Stein

Can you tell I'm old school?
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1/ McConkey - supreme skill and style in any conditions
2/ Nobis - rips AK peaks like a super G course
3/ Thovex - doing more to bring the new face of skiing to the masses than anyone
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1. Alf Engen - Father of modern day powder skiing technique
2. Scot Schmidt
3. Doug Combs

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DangerousBrian:
1) Me
2) Gonzo


I insist that you switch me & SCSA. I am definitely NOT in that upper 3% of Harbies Harpies
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If it's a question of "is now" and not was, then I will say,

1. Glen Plake
2. Shane Mc Conkey
3. Shane Szocs
Gonzo was close but i've got to put him down around 4th. Sorry! :

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Shane McConkey
Kristin Ulmer (this Chick Rips)
Billy Kid
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by C-dubs:
Shane McConkey
Kristin Ulmer (this Chick Rips)
Billy Kid
I got some awesome skis from her this year.
Scot Schmidt rips.
I dig Ace McKay Smith too.
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can't narrow it to only three. it is truly impossible. the skill, style, and expertise of each skier one different parts of the mountain on different terrain and different conditions varies way too much.
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1. WT Fox Hat
2. Bonnie
3. Lisamarie
4. That unnamed 6 year old I saw 4 years ago skiing the Speed Skiing Run at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. Big Brass Ball on that kid!

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stein - ballet on skis
Bode Miller, for his near fall in last years Olympics
Wayne Wong cause he is one of the first skiers i watched as a child growing up on a snowmobile, damn, talk about showing my age
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Ic ant believe that Glen Plake only recieved two mentions. I nominate him as number two best skier in the history of the sport. Number one is even more shockingly absent: Jean Claude Killy!

Number three, hell, that one is a tie IMHO between Bode and Janica kostelic
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1) Jean Claude Killy
2) Franz Klammer
3) Scot Schmidt
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I can't believe no one mentioned Tomba yet...

The greatest skier in the history of the world cup. It was often said that if he didn't ski out, he'd win hands down. Who can possibly forget his amazing win in the 1996 world championships GS where he falls on his side, and recovers to win his first ever world championship gold! That was the most exciting ski race I ever watched..

Anyway, here's my list:

1) Alberto Tomba

2) Seth Morrison

3) Herman Maier
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Michael Milton - 4 gold medals in 4 alpine events at one paralympics
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1. Tomba
2. Girardelli
3. Sonja Nef
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I already posted but forgot one that deserves mention among all these modern disciples...

Sondre Norheim anyone?
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1 McConkey
2 Morrison
3 Plake
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For the Men's side:
1. Trevor Peterson (the first true extreme skier R.I.P.)
2. Scott Schmidt (because he made it looked so easy)
3. Bob Rankin (because he has the coolest job)
For the Womens side:
1. Susan Sawyer (she has class and rips)
2. Kristen Ulmer (she is hot and rips)
3. Wendy Brookbank (she is cool and rips)
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1.chris davenport
2.justin patnode
3.wendy fischer
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1. Me
2. Myself
3. I

(in my dreams)
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1. WT Fox Hat
2. Bonnie
3. Lisamarie
4. That unnamed 6 year old I saw 4 years ago skiing the Speed Skiing Run at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. Big Brass Ball on that kid!
Who's Bonni e ?
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