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Top 5 moments from this season

5. Embracing a fatter quiver
4. Skiing in Vermont with Bunches of Bears!
3. Getting a great boot fit....Yea Krypton Storm!!!
2. Skiing with my family - gotta love that on any top 5
1. Awakening passions and feeling the inspiration
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
top 5 Guilty pleasures at Okemo:

5. Blue Cruisers
4. Prime Rib Sandwich at the Shack
3. Forrest Bump
2. 5.00 off lunch coupons from Max
1. Skiing With Max
Those are some of my favorite things too!
And all the time Max said I was special.
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Top five memories

5 Taking my nephews skiing when they were young skiing. What a blast.

4 On ski patrol first tracks in the morning and because of awesome teamwork having an difficult rescue go real smooth

3. skiing over the knee powder at JH with good friends.

2 Skiing with my wife (she can't ski anymore)

1 - Taking my 3 children at about age 4 to 5 skiing for the first day. Very special one on one moment and fun day.

Honorable mention: skiing with Bob Peters
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1. Skiing at Sugarloaf with wife and boy.

2. The last two runs we made down Double Bitter with perfect conditions and no one else skiing it.

3. Two-day Intro to Trees clinic at Jay.

4. Seeing one of my team kids do a perfect zipper line run right in front of me.

5. Seeing a couple of my team kids do perfect short radius turns with a pole touch.
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Originally Posted by spinheli View Post

1. Windbuff at Mammoth. If you don't know, then you don't know...
Mammoth does have sweet windbuff.

1. Breaking trail and putting in a fun uptrack
2. Blue bird pow
3. Skinning when it's snowing with no wind
4. Car camping on the east side in the spring
5. Post session beer after any one of these 4
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06-07 season so far

5. sking everyday for a whole season
4. Meeting many maggots to push me
3. skiing with many pros and sometimes keeping up
2. yesterday and untill sunday I get to teach some teenagers how to ski slush bumps and hit jumps.
1. A year of teaching kids to ski the mountain with technical skill but never forgetting why we ski(because its fun!!). Basically teaching them to ski the mountain like ME.
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Difficult to see in the photo but big smiles are there.

2. Being part way down the hill and realizing you are in the groove where every turn is perfect - being at the bottom and still feeling that way.

3. Silence and solitude on a run by yourself, surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery.

4. Taking off ski boots at the end of a great day, while on a ski vacation, knowing tomorrow they'll be on again all day long.

5. A cold pint of something dark after a good day ( ski boots still on ).

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Meeting up with ssh, Faisasy and the gang at Copper

Watchin my Son win the big air and quarterpipe comp at HV

Contractors day at Hollimont with Heluvaskier and Pierre and my gang

Putting 2000 miles on my snowmobile, after a poor early season

that first day on skis this season, when you realise that "Life is Good"
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So I've been reading this thread.... good stuff! I must differ with the guy who said that top five lists are boring and inconsequential. I see he's been banned anyway. It seems though, that my top five or ten or more have been listed quite a few times so let's call this contribution my "second twelve lists". Yeah, I have trouble editting myself sometimes.

*Powder bumps!
*Eight minute relationships
*Skating the flats in two inches of fresh
*Admiring the tracks from the lift
*A great tune (base, edge and wax)
*A great tune (Bebel Gilberto, MMW, Pharoh Sanders)
*Slush bumps!
*Nailing the run under the lift
*Making a stupid mistake and realizing that no one saw it
*New Belgium Brewing Co
*Backcountry Brewery
*Maid service

Top twelve harbingers of the upcoming ski season

*First snowflake seen
*Visible breath with full moon back drop
*Visible breath with full moon back drop (woowoo!)
*Stripping off the Summer wax
*Putting on the snow tires
*Wearing my boots around the house
*The third gas stop of the day
*Ogallala, Nebraska
*Getting the pass pic
*Clicking in for the first time

Top five Colorado ski destinations
5)Crested Butte
1)Mary Jane

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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Those are some of my favorite things too!
And all the time Max said I was special.

Thanks guy's.

1. I just realized I had the next break though in my skiing today. Right now that's my new #1.

2. Knowing the effort and money I put into my son's skiing will pay off for him forever.

3. A bluebird day with perfect Okemo grooming, cold fast snow with no one there. Hey, that was today.

4. Skiing with good friends and online friends from EPIC and SKIDIVAS. Can't forget the girls...

5. The day I was about 4 chairs behind my son while he was a J4. We were at another mountain for a race and see he and the friends turn around to look at the view. That's when I realized, "they get it". Priceless.

Can I add a 6th, Helping people enjoy this sport.
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Thread Starter 
Top 5 top 5's of the past 25 years.
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Top 5 that suck

Skiing on rocks
Skiing in dense fog
Skiing in frozen sleet
Skiing in heavy rain.
Not getting a chance to do any of the above which are all better than not skiing at all
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A snapshot in time

And evrything that comes with this.

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Bump for good reason:


  • Showing friends around my home mountain
  • Being able to say, "Welcome to Northstar, my home mountain"
  • Having three days off work in a row that coincide with three of the best powder days of the season
  • feeling like you can ski in control and still rip an incredibly difficult line
  • Doing all of this with your best friend
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More than 40 powder days in a season.

Not buying a single lift ticket.

Finally starting to get those coveted "private powder lessons".

Hitting a chute that is skiable only one season out of ten.

Looking forward to another 24" day tomorrow.


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1. Skiing really deep powder in the glades

2. Skiing pow moguls

3. Skiing in March

4. Skiing anywhere but Ontario

5. Skiing with my friends

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  1. The first run of the season, getting that great feeling that "It's starting again" - a whole winter unfolding in front of me! Even though that day is usually at Wilmot Mountain (WI), which is damn near flat!
  2. My first powder day of the winter, when I remember how great it is!
  3. Grand Targhee!
  4. Sitting in my hotel room at night, rubbing some F4 on my skis and having a beer and a sniff of Patron, knowing that I am skiing TOMORROW!
  5. POWDER! I try to explain the sensation to my non-skiing friends, and I usually end up saying: "Skiing powder is about as close to God as I have ever felt" - it's that good!
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  1. Fine cigar
  2. Good whiskey
  3. roaring fire
  4. dialed in gear
  5. bluebird forecast, no wind, and cold
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1. The feeling you have when getting off the lift at the top

2. Skiing fresh powder to Dave Matthews Band blasting on your iPod

3. Being first in the lift line at 8:59 a.m.

4. Hitting the bumps perfectly under the chairlift

5. 15 inches of fresh April!

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1. Women

2. Women who ski.

3. Women who ski well

4. Following women who ski well.

5. Catching women who ski well

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you're not catching anything like that where I'm from.

just judging from the weird post.

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5. Driving up to a "real" ski resort you've been stoked to ski at all season long, when you live in the Midwest, and experiencing how HUGE 2000-3000ft of vert is, and how the pictures didn't do it's size justice.

4. Getting out and skiing down what is 12-20x taller than your local hill

3. Taking in the magnificent scenery

2. Having no rules, just runs

1. Generating G-forces with carves that are more fun than a roller coaster.


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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

you're not catching anything like that where I'm from.

just judging from the weird post.

You're not looking hard enough


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Originally Posted by GarryZ View Post

1. Women

2. Women who ski.

3. Women who ski well

4. Following women who ski well.

5. Catching women who ski well

You forgot stretch pants


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fixed it....

Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post

  1. Fine cigar
  2. Good whiskey
  3. roaring fire
  4. dialed in gear
  5. 18" of blower with bluebird forecast, no wind, and cold


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tough call as this was a great season


in no order:


Cat skiing up at Wildhorse in BC- sick steep deep


This season's gathering


Skiing with Phil in his new backyard!


Steamboat powder days with Ira, Bump greg and Les. how often do you get to ski at -37F in a foot of fresh on an empty mountain?


tied- several knee to waist-high days.....

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1) Seeing my boys glow with pride over accomplishing some new benchmark.
2) Ditto for wife.
3) A perfect glade run in light fresh, silent woods.
4) That moment you take a last glance at the vista and drop into the chute.
5) Meeting your friends at baggage, grabbing the rental, and Road Trip!
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