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Originally Posted by Tim_miT
Keeping in mind that i've only ever ski'd or a week ever a few months back...
<1> Thinking it would be pretty cool to take a trip
<2> Saving up and heading down to the snow
<3> Skiing and having one of the best weeks of my life
<4> Falling in love with a new found life long sport
<5> Being obsessed with anything ski related and wearing a permanent smile on my face ever since!
This post makes me smile.
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1.) Sunshine
2.)Vertical ice
3.)Steep mogul run in very tight glades
4.)Steep freshies on a very cold bright calm morning
5.)Company in 1-4 above
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What ever happened to nakona?
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5) Talking to a stranger on a long lift ride up
4) Days cold enough to have the mountain almost to yourself
3) Finding an untouched path through tight glades
2) Watching fresh powder fall while relaxing in the hot tub after (and thus before) a day of skiing
1) The creaking sound of skiing through fresh powder
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top 5

...blowing a "fatty" on the chairlift...errrr...I can't remember what else I like about skiing(?) :

"see ya in the trees"
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1) Being the first person off the Tram at Snowbird after a night that we received a 30" dump
2) Dropping in off the rope at the top of the Schindler chair in St. Anton, Austria (No steeper...no deeper...no narrower)
3) Sitting outside at the Nasserein restaurant, during a sun filled, cloudless afternoon, drinking that first cold bier, after skiing 4 hrs. of perfect turns
4) Alta, on a perfect snow day (sunshine...the day after receiving 4 feet of fresh pow)
5) Skiing in the sun with my wife and kids
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  • Stepping off the helicopter, watching it fly away, and leaving you and your friends in perfect silence, with no other poeple or tracks in sight.
  • Skiing when it's snowing so hard that by the time you make another run, your tracks from the last run are completely gone.
  • Skiing in the trees when it's snowing silver-dollar flakes, and there is no sound to be heard
  • Getting back to you car after being inside for an hour, and having to brush 3 inches of snow off it.
  • A cold, crisp fall day, with the smell of winter in the air and the anticipation and hope of another great snow year.
  • Being surrounded by walls of snow on your drive to the mountain
There are so many more (a lot of them already listed), but I'll just leave it at that
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Originally Posted by JapĆ³n
1-Arriving at the resort snowing, go to sleep snowing, wake up and see the sun and 1 feet of fresh snow.
What I really love, is when it starts snowing hard in the afternoon, you go to bed and it's snowing harder, and when you wake up, it's still snowing just as hard as it was when you went to sleep.

It kind of annoys me when I go to sleep with it snowing, and an inch or two of new snow, but when you wake up, you realize that it must have stopped snowing as soon as you went to bed, because you still only have that inch or two of new.
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1. Big boobies.
2. Cold beer.
3. Shrimp.
4. Railroad Earth
5. Winter.
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skiing in a heavy snow storm
skiing after a heavy snow storm
boarding in a heavy snow storm
boarding after a heavy snow storm
long long vertical drops
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1. Leaving work on Friday, knowing I'm heading to the mountain
2. The early morning lift ride with a blue sky above and fresh snow below
3. At night in an outside hottub with snow falling on my hair
4. The awesome feeling of finding a lonely trail and silently skiing with so much beauty around me
5. Calling in "sick" on Monday
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1.) That tingly feeling you get when you look down a steep slope for the 1st time (they always seem steeper at the beginning of the season)
2.) Nice, hard packed powder on an upper 20's, sunny day.
3.) The smell of wood burning in crisp air.
4.) A nice long nap after spending all day on the slopes - dreaming about the next time.
5.) A Bag Burger from the Bag - yum (and cheeseburger soup!)
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5. Reaching for the timing gates after nailing your slalom run
4. Watching a group of half a dozen kids make their first turns together on the bunny slope, and hearing about how much they want to come back after
3. The second you decide to push off for a new hit in the park
2. Hitting that hit in the park... and sticking it
1. Standing at the bottom of the mountain and looking up before your first run each day
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I had plenty of lists, plenty of top fives...plenty of...once upon a time.
Now, this is the 4th year where I'll be happy to just ....
Anywhere, anytime, anyhow, any condition, any kind of snow, in company of someone or alone.
It'll be my happiest moment every time.
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Originally Posted by MilesB
Sorry, just 1. I really like the way the snowy mountains look just before sunset, when everything turns black and white.

The technical term is Alpen Glow. And yes, it is quite pretty.
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Thread Starter 
Top 5 pre season ski things

New buyers guide arriving in the mail
First frost
Tent sales
Warren Miller movie
Hearing that that Killington is blowing snow.
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Originally Posted by sjcoll
...blowing a "fatty" on the chairlift...errrr...I can't remember what else I like about skiing(?) :

"see ya in the trees"
Are you Monica Lewinsky in disguise ?
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1) Finally breaking through traffic just North of Springfield, then sinking back into the drivers seat w/ the cruise control pinned on 85mph...the car is now on autopilot to VT.

2) Waking up like a little kid on Christmas morning every single weekend for 6 months straight.

3) Watching my younger sister nail a zipper line while wearing bright pink pants, blowing by males of all ages & sending their jaws to the snow.

4) Skiing w/ my father, who learned @ age 42 after 5 knee surgeries (4 'scopes & an ACL reconstruction).

5) Teaching young children, both for the joy they experience and the points I score with women everywhere
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5 just aren't enough...I couldn't resist 1 more!

6) The way non-skiers look at you like you're from another planet when you start talking about skiing...I've been told I get a faraway look in my eye, and occasionally a little teary eyed as I speak of it. Then they look at me like I've been brainwashed. I love it!
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5. Carving all day long at my home mountian

4.Tree runs and the quietness

3.Banging Slalom gates

2.Blue Knob and MRG my 2 favorite place in the world

1.Doing all of the above smiling, cause i have meet some of my closest friends ever skiing, and havent felt alone since.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA
2.Blue Knob and MRG my 2 favorite places in the world
That's an interesting combination.
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5. Nailing a race course

4. Big Long Carves that leave 6" deep trenches...Under the lift.

3. Inspecting them on the ride back up

2. seeing a student kill a new task...or exceed their own expectations.

1. Seeing the mountain for the first time while driving to it...especially if it is a new mountain...

2. tuning

3. Taking off the boots

4. The Beach at Mt Sunapee...Or any other prime tailgating locatioin at a ski area

5. Dinner and drinks with ski friends...
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1. the look on a young student's the first time they "get it"
2. the first dusting of snow in late August or early September on Longs Peak
3. the perfect run: where you get to the lift and realize you had no internal dialog during the run
4. Free skiing for a whole day - a valuable commodity when you teach fulltime
5. Palli all to myself with perfect bumps
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1. The first ride in the big RED Gondola at STOWE.
2. Going up the "quad" and feeling the snow from the snow guns on my face.
3. Sneaking in at the top of the Goat (its never open)
4. The Toll Road.
5. Watching my helmet-cam footage of me wiping out.
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Come on folks, are you really dragging something from the archives of 2001 back out?
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Originally Posted by Toadman
The technical term is Alpen Glow. And yes, it is quite pretty.
Is alpen glow black and white? I thought it was golden or even bright orange.

1 that orange glow
2 the intense blue glow that came out of the hole I made with my pole waiting in line for the chair to open on a bluebird day after 30+ inches had fallen overnight.
3 silver duct tape that held my binding to my ski that day
4 black diamonds
5 white snow
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Alpenglow to me is that pink glow that lights up the snow at sunset.
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Originally Posted by ElkMountainSkier
That's an interesting combination.
Blue Knob is probably closest thing you can get to MRG south of NY IMO.

Steep narrow trail, tree runs with questionable cover(well MRG isnt really questionable), old slow lifts, locals who great skiers and i can go on on.

Yeah Blue Knob = Mad River Glen of the southern states.
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A worthwhile resuscitation, I'd say.

1. Clicking in
2. Adjusting goggles
3. Tapping the poles together three times
4. Saying, there's no place like home, there's no place like home
5. Clear the run, Toto, we're not in Kansas.
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My top 5 as of right now are.

1. Skiing with my son and watching his love of skiing grow.

2. traversing just a bit farther and discovering an untracked line through the trees.

3. Rumble

4. All the great memories from 42-years of skiing.

5. Anticipation of all the great experiences to come.
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