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"Top 5 _______"

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whats your top 5? Could be equipement, areas, people, a mix. What is your top 5 about skiing? If you just want to list it, great. If you want to give reasons, super. Just have fun. BTW, there is no right or wrong answer.

5. First day, first run. it starts it all. The excitement, the antisipation, the feel.
4. Zipperlines. the feel of nailing a bump run
3. Woods/Glade quiet, serine. natural skiing
2. Mad River Glen see above. the people, the flavor, the smell of deisel fuel, the warmth of everybody.
1. Friends/family Our vacations are based around skiing. Its something our family does together with our friends and we just love doing it.

Top 5 Skis I have owned

5. Rossi ST Comps/ Sal 727E
4. Dynastar Course SL/ Tyrolia 590 RFF
3. Pre 1200 SP/ Marker MRR
2. Volant PowerKarve/ Salomon S900
1. Volant T3 Epics/ Salomon S900

Honorable Mention: Elan SCX/ Salomon S850
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1) The never ending, awe inspiring, beauty of the mountains.

2) The first hour after the mountain opens, I call it the "golden hour".

3) Skiing with my father.

4) Getting to the bottom of the mountain and thinking that I'll never again experience such a great run, laughing with joy!

5) Watching young children learn to ski, and thinking that they too may develop a deep passion for the sport. Smiling over their joy with a newfound sport.
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Somebody must have seen 'High Fidelity'.

Anyway, top 5 things that put a smile on my face.

1 - Watching powder blow over my kid's head at Big Sky.

2 - Watching my son do a 900.

3 - Watching my daughter pound away at moguls all day long so she gets good at them.

4 - The comradery of the die-hards that ski Mt. Bachelor in May.

5 - Looking forward to having both kids here in Bozeman for this ski season.
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1) First on line, first thing in the morning at the local mountain and splitting at lunch when the crowds show up

2) Fresh tracks and a sweet carve.

3) A nice skid turn on the hard pack

4) Taking that line, tucking in and pulling my legs together as the speed builds and I float through that special "last 100 yards" before opening into a casual plow with a lazy stem christe right at the end to tuck me back into line.

5) Lunch at the Base Box, nap at the lodge and back to the sunnyside lift for a lazy afternoon of laid back cruising.
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1) a) The moments between pushoff and making the first turn on a long, untracked pow run.
b) Never making the first turn on a long, untracked pow run(the roller-coaster-drop feeling of steep straightline acceleration ).

2) That final moment before a big drop, just before I can see beyond the takeoff. :

3) Blinding, suffocating face-shots. [img]smile.gif[/img]

4) Laughing and looking over my shoulder at the long, untracked face I just ripped (because I'm having too much fun to stop ).

5) a)Skiing fast and throwing airs in a sweatshirt and micro-shell pants(no long johns) on a sunny spring morning before it warms up too much. :
b) Sticking smooth 3's on said spring day

6) The first draught beer(mirror pond) at
the end of long, hot, sunny spring ski day.

Oh wait...top 5... :
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My generic top 5 as they pertain to skiing?

#1: Bottomless powder days
#2: Sunny spring skiing days with tailgate parties
#3: That great view of infinity from the mountaintop. It's the only religeon I have.
#4: That spent but happy feeling you get after a good run and after a good day.
#5: The smell of pine sap when I'm skiing in the trees
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Sorry, just 1. I really like the way the snowy mountains look just before sunset, when everything turns black and white.
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1. trying to catch up with the pounding of your heart at the bottom of a steep chute

2. That stupid grin that you just cannot keep off your face when you've had a great run. Im riding the chair alone and my face hurts I'm smiling so hard....

3. Skiing while its snowing. the stinging as the snowflakes whip you in the face.

4. When the entire staff at your favorite area knows you by name.

5. your instructor thinks enough of your abilities and comes back on his free time to ski with you, and takes you out. (of bounds)
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(1)Leaving town when it's raining and by the time your at the hill it's snowing real hard.
(2)The first one to blaze down a groomer at terminal speed.
(3)The instant before you can see what's below the lip you just went off of.
(4)Running into old ski buddies on the lift.

And #5-Doing an Eggbeater-Yardsale in powder.
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1. Driving up to the Mtn coming around the last bend and still having clear skies.
2. Dropping into powder glades and floating carves, then grazing trees as you enter the forest.
3. Catching huge air on powder days having something catch and you land in an explosion of white.
4. The view after you've hiked to the top of the ridge and the knowledge there will be no one else on the next run.
5. Racing with friends at night after work.
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All of the above...

Wait, I'll put in an effort, can't be that hard to think of five great tings about skiing...

5 - The oldest cliche in the book - fresh tracks early in the morning, before anyone else has really got to the mountain, down a steep face in knee to thigh powder;

4 - Scary fast carves on a wide corduroy groomer with no one else around, when the skis are holding so well you can touch the snow with your inside hand on every turn;

3 - waiting for your turn to do a jump, second guessing the trick you want to do, the excitement and nerves jangling;

2 - seeing someone learn, learning yourself, anything to do with taking steps forward;

1 - the apres in Chamonix, or wherever your friends are. The first sweet sweet beer after a hard day, face stinging as you enter the warm bar, the gradual loss of balance, the blurring of vision, the slurred words of enthusiasm and admiration, and the sudden realisation that you're still kitted up and it's time to go home... fantastic.



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1.The first shafts of cold morning light hitting the tops of the peaks.
2.Skiing an old favorite run again on opening day.
3.The stillness of being out on a windless heavy snow day.
4.Making it past the Ski Patrol before they close a run at the end of a day.
5. Sitting by a fire,Body acheing and Mind numb after a long day of playing in the powder.
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walking in a ski town late at night, talking to people's dogs. how every ski morning is even better than when i was a kid and believed in santa. the time in the day, sometimes on the lift, sometimes in the middle of a run, when it hits me again how lucky i am. bigass fast turns. people to share it with.
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1-The Sound of Ski Patrol Bombs going off early in the morning as you walk to the lifts
2-Finding that old reliable stash of pow after the entire mountain has been tracked up
3-That strange floating -zero-G feeling you get in your gut when you launch a big heli and you know you nailed it. ( extra points for under a lift ;b)
4-Skiing with Girls that ski better than me
5-Launching into a run just as the patrol drops the rope
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5. Carving on groomed runs
4. Skiing on an empty mountain
3. Skiing in powder
2. The feeling of turning on skis
1. Sharing it all with my wife
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by blur:
1-The Sound of Ski Patrol Bombs going off early in the morning as you walk to the lifts

I read that and got a shiver and numerous flash backs to standing at the bottom of wildcat listening to the bombs booming thru the valley waiting for the lifts to start.

- watching the trees appear and disappear with each turn, wondering in the moment of snowblindness if you judged the turn, distance etc to the next tree accurately.

- airing over the tree into Glory Hole

- that last turn that signifies you are commited to the line, once you make that turn there is NO turning back or stopping on the chosen line.

- scoping a line, envisioning the line and flashing it.

- Reading the whiteboard at the lift line informing us the canyon will be closed at 2PM for control work.
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Here's 5 of my top 50:

1. The view from the top.
2. Seamlessly flowing through a gentle-to-steep transition.
3. Nailing the sweet spot on a hard fast long carve.
4. Touching your uphill hand to the snow on a hard carving turn.
5. Doing really old-style maneuvers on modern equipment.
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1. Being in the mountains
2. Bottomless Cold Smoke
3. Sharing a great run with a good friend
4. High speed carves
5. Alpenglow
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1. GOOD SNOW - Like that Champagne powder
I hit at Alta in '86.
2. GOOD MOUNTAIN - Like Sun Valley.
3. GOOD FRIENDS - Like Lex, Dan and Muffi.
4. GOOD WINE - Say, an 85 Silver Oak Cab
5. GOOD MEMORIES - That great feeling you get
when you think of all the
various combinations of 1
thru 4 that you have
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1. Snowing all night
2. Blue skies and Deep powder in the morning
3. Hiking to the goods
4. Having a good time all the time
5. the unrelenting pursuit of perfection
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1. Forums that are free from "Top 5" and "Top 10" lists.

2. Forums that promote free speech. This can be reconciled with (1) because the posters in such forums recognize the utterly boring and inconsequential nature of "Top ___" lists.

3. Skiing.

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The feeling of being Isadora Duncan on skis

Instructors who inspire

Looking up at a run you just completed, and thinking "Did I REALLY ski that???"

That feeling of sweet surrender when everything is going right

"Apres" with my husband
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5.Catching unexpected air 'cause you're going so fast that even little lips = airing out.

4. Powder

3. First run down a just-opened run

2. New tricks on skis

1. Apres-ski [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Keeping in mind that i've only ever ski'd or a week ever a few months back...
<1> Thinking it would be pretty cool to take a trip
<2> Saving up and heading down to the snow
<3> Skiing and having one of the best weeks of my life
<4> Falling in love with a new found life long sport
<5> Being obsessed with anything ski related and wearing a permanent smile on my face ever since!
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Top Five Whatever?

1. Windbuff at Mammoth. If you don't know, then you don't know...
2. Sierra backcountry corn. April, May, June, July...earn it. It is so worth it.
3. Bumpin'
4. Storm Days on Chair 22. You wouldn't like it.
5. Hiking for turns any month of the year, on the hill or off, pre season, post season, mid season.
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1) Walking into the Den in Waitfield VT on a friday night catching up on the week's conditions and realizing I should have never left this town.
2) Blowing by a patroler I know at mach 10 and knowing they can't catch up.
3) The feeling of your stomach coming through your throat as your ski's leave the first big drop of the year.
4) Watching kids I used to coach hammer lines and pull tricks they learned from me.
5) Knowing that tomorrow I get to get up and do it all over again, only Faster!

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top 5 best ski graphics

5. Rossi 4S
4. Dynastar Course SL (carbons)
3. Volkl 5 stars
2. Rossi Freestyles
1. The Ski

Favorite ski areas I frequent

5. Hunter
4. Stowe
3. Okemo
2. Sugarbush
1. Mad River Glen

I thought it would be fun to reserect this thread for the new people.
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1. watching my kid progress to the point that he is the best skier i have ever seen in person.
2. powder bumps
4.skiing while its snowing
5. just being on the mountain
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5. Walking at night in a ski town with a heavy snow coming straight down muffling all of the "noise".
4. The burn in your thighs when you tear up a run and keep going and going until your legs are jelly.
3. Eating a green chile cheeseburger outside at Taos on a blue sky day.
2. Endless face shots of fresh Utah powder.
1. The complete silence when you reach the top of a peak, click in to your bindings, and wait to drop into a perfect, untouched bowl.
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1-Arriving at the resort snowing, go to sleep snowing, wake up and see the sun and 1 feet of fresh snow.
2-Getting a never ending slope...up to 10 miles long.
3-Hear my skis ripping the snow as I carve down the slope.
4-Going down, knee dep in powder, enjoying a wonderful landscape.
5-Having some drinks with my skimates, talking about the day.
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