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Ullr has spoken!!!

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The Lake effect snow God, Cousin of Ullr, don't know his name is dumping the white stuff on Western N.Y. With 4" on the ground and coming down as I speak, and up to a foot predicted before weekends out. I'm lovin it. The itch is starting. The skis are waiting. I'm psyched big time. What is really awesome is this is already more snow than we had in all of November last year. Oh man, it's snowing so hard I can't see the woods. Big white fluffs of what looks like cotton balls. I have a feeling this is the start of another awesome ski season for the Lars man. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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I've been predicting all summer and fall that this is the season of the snow tunnel. You know, you have to tunnel to get outside.

We have had a record October for snowfall here in Eagle County as well. Mrs. Skicrazy & I are leaving for Wolf Creek after work today to open the season!
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Skicrazy, I've been keeping up on Colorado snows and have been reading about Wolf Creek getting the most snow, as usual. Do some turns for me please. I'll be coming out there at least twice this year. For sure in February but maybe in Dec. also. Will look you up for some skiing and apre ski.
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Isn't lake effect a wonderful thing .

Its been snowing all day here in Boyne country.
My skis vibrating in their bag.
We're hoping for a thanksgiving opening.
Its looking good.
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I'm more towards central ny(elmira/corning), but its been coming down for the last 15 minutes, and we have a dusting for the first time this season. w00t!
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