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Un-guided hut trips in BC - any suggestions?

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I'm trying to plan a week long hut/yurt trip up in British Columbia for late December this year. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

I've run into a lot of fancy Heli-supported and giuded trips, but i'm looking for something without the guides, but with the big terrain - maybe something similar to the 10th Mountain Div. hut s in CO. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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There are some big loops you can do off the top of Rogers Pass between Golden and Revelstoke, and I think there is at least one hut in the area. You can ski an unbelievable amount of good terrain from the top of the Pass and there is a nice cheap motel, with a buffet, and the avalanche center is right next door. You can literally ski right from the steps of the motel. I have skied in that area a few times and have many friends that have done guided hut trips, but I am not aware of an unguided hut system. There are a two or three huts around Nelson where you can get flown in for a week and then guide yourself on day trips, but there is a lottery (which I think already happened for next season) because so many people want to use them. Check out http://www.alpineclubofcanada.ca/fac...er.html#winter

I am very interested in what you find out on this subject.
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Don't know if you found this link on the site I referenced. Here is one that shows all the huts. If you go to the link from my last post and look at the very top of the page you can get everyhing you need. Good luck, and please let me know what kind of trip you are able to put together.

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Wapta traverse. Petyo hut, Bow hut, Balfour Hut, Scott-Duncan hut.
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Thanks for the info guys. The group that i'm going to be with this trip is definitely more interested in finding good lines as opposed to extended touring touring, the actual terrain info on these sites is pretty minimal - do you guys know which one of those huts would have the best terrain for yo-yoing and day excursions?

If the skiing is good enough in one area we could spend the whole week there, we've also split the trip between two huts in the past. Thanks again for the info guys, and if more is forthcoming, by all means, keep it coming.
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I have nothing against huts, but considering what you are looking for I still think Rogers Pass offers the best skiing options. There are something like 250 avalanche paths off the Pass road, not to mention all the skiing in between and above them. If you have not driven over the Pass you cannot begin to comprehend the magnitude of skiing options. There is nothing remotely like it in the States. You can access great terrain right from the top or drive a few minutes in either direction to countless other areas. Just stop at the avalanche center next to the motel every morning and get the latest avi info. No need to carry a huge pack into the hut. A shower and great food every night, a bar, and the price is pretty cheap. I have run into guys staying in their truck for days in the motel parking lot just to do the skiing.

If you want options it is only about an hour down the Pass to the Kicking Horse Resort. 4,000 vertical and no crowds, plus you can ski off the area and then back on again to catch a lift. An hour down the other side is Revelstoke, which has cat skiing at the future site of Mt. McKenzie (6,000 vert).

If you just ski the Pass for a week you will not begin to scratch the suface of the skiable terrain. There is a guide book but I do not remember the name. I borrowed a friend's copy who has been there many times.

I have nothing against hut trips, but I'm into it for the skiing and don't "rough it" just for the sake of doing it. You will have no trouble skiing untracked lines for a week at Rogers, and you don't need to hike to a hut to do it.
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