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Thanks to Ski03!

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ski03 for a PM that they sent to me recently that suggested some changes to the Ski Racing forum regarding content and the title.

These were the suggestions so you can al note the changes:

Originally Posted by Ski03
...I think we should create a new forum called Racing News & Technique" in General Forums section of this website. The description below the forum name could read "World Cup, Olympics, USSA, Masters, League, NASTAR - News/Technique/Videos/Photos/Check-Ins".

It should also be listed on the EpicSki home page as "Racing News & Technique" in the General Forums Section after General Ski Discussion to help attract more traffic to EpicSki when search engines index/rank the homepage.
Anyone else who has suggestions on threads to add (which Ski03 also gave me a list of) or additions to the forum that we have not covered please feel free to PM me or another member of the Mod Squad or post your thoughts/ideas in this thread.

Thanks for the interest and input ; that kind of interest is what makes EpicSki so unique.


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I just wanted to add my thanks to Ski03 as well. Those are great suggestions and should make the forum stronger and more valuable. I'm looking forward to race season starting back up again.

Thanks, 03.
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Also Race Results with notes for spoilers.
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