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All Your Base Are Belong To Us

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What's the story of your worst base shot, core shot, delamination, ski breakage, base weld, twistage, or general rock damage mayhem? Where and how did it happen?
I'll have to submit mine later or I'll miss my next appointments.
"Proudly back-engineered from alien technology" -->SkiStreak.com

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HA! HA! HA! All your bases are belong to us! wait till my husband sees this thread!
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I was skiing the Big Burn at Snowmass in Jan. of 2000. I had a new pair of XScreams on and I waxed a piece of granite sticking up through the coverage. The rock ripped the ski off my foot and a huge shot out of my ski. I didn't fall down, but finished my turn, stopped, grabbed my ski and almost cried. I had it repaired that night. Since then the skis have suffered many more rocks, a few stumps, a gravel road that I thought was a trail etc.
The shop here cleaned them up real nice. One was bent out of camber, so I bent it back with some surprising success. I was thinking of selling them. Any takers??
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Circa 1978. Pair of K2 Cheeseburgers, Val d'Isere's notorious bump field Solaise. Skis blew wide open. Cheese all over the snow.

A couple of years later. Bahne Single Ski. Toe wings of both binding toepieces (very solid Look N77) sheered right off. (A unique hazard of using a monoski)

About 5 years ago. Antique hickory ski with leather beartrap bindings. Was keen to demonstrate the remarkable flexibility of the skis to a friend. Forgot that they had dried up in my heated house. The ski split in two. Learn from my expensive lesson:
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What is UP with changing my topic title from 'ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US'?
In the last week I've had half of my posts altered, threads moved, titles changed, etc. What's going on? :
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You mean your original topic really was All Your base are belong to Us? maybe the aliens changed it!

Someone set us up the bomb!
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I had set up two rails to grind at the same time to get a feel for sliding on the rail, but spaced 'em too far apart, snapped the right ski in half, AND to boot, the rear portion flew up and slapped me in the butt!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lisamarie:
You mean your original topic really was All Your base are belong to Us?

Hi LisaMarie,

Yes. From your first post I thought you had seen it before 'they' changed it. Do you know how that can happen? I'll check your reply when I get home from work tonight.
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Since a few thousand miles separate us, do you mind if I share Lisamarie's bemusement or (dare I say) amusement?
I trust that our editor (or is it 'moderator'?) has a witty explanation for his actions
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anyone seen a witty altered ski photo for this caption??? that would be totally cool, hahahaha. a picture of a ruined base with the caption: All your bases are belong to us.

that's awesome! that's the first thing i thought of when i saw the altered title! haha. maybe the mod. thought that the title would generate more posts than the actual question?????

HAHA - too late! it still picqued our interest! haha.
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This is great! Finally I there is a place where I can voice my disgust with K2. Ok, I don't remember how old I was, but I wasn't too old as I was skiing on a pair of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck K2's. I hit this jump and threw a back scratcher only I forgot to pull my feet back under me when I landed. Both skis stuck tip first into the snow and I broke Donald in half. I managed to ski down the mountain with half of my ski in my hand. Part of me was extremely happy that I didn't have to ski with Donald and Mickey anymore because I had outgrown them, and part of me was terrified at what my parents would say. K2 replaced them, but I traded them for some Rossi's. Every since that incident I have had a bias against K2.
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First off, I'm changing all topic titles that are all caps, to upper/lower. In this case the title ('ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US') doesn't even make sense and I generally change topic titles that don't reflect the content so that others will have a clue what the thread is about. I virtually always leave the original title and make the description in addition, but this title wasn't even in English. Is this some kind of cryptic code that I missed? If so I (or you) can change it back. But upper/lower case.
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sorry Ac. We should not have let this go as an inside joke for so long! http://www.allyourbase.net

Its a geek thang!
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That web site did not clear anything up for me, but I'll just accept that there is meaning to it that us beyond me. Sorry for the interference.
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Psst, Endless, I think CARNAVORE is getting your posts.
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Skiing at Terry Peak, SD one day (1st Tracks!) when I hit a burm under the powder. My dynastar Omeglass II's both snapped just ahead of the toepieces and rocketed into my gut. One tip weaseled under my jacket and ripped me open a little (14 stitches) Imagine my surprise. One moment I'm cooking thru some great pow, the next I'm trying to hold my liver in place. (at the time I thought the wound was much worse than it ended up) I think I mourned for the skis more than myself.

About 5 years later I was skiing in Winter Park and launched a biggie out of the bottom of Runaway Chute and landed right on a nice, pointy rock. My Dynastar Course SL's both took the hit, but the left one lived. The right one had a gouge so deep that it raised the top sheet right under my boot. Can't say I didn't land centered!!! Anyway, I had to go buy a new pair the next day.

Oh yeah. One time in Angel Fire, NM I was hitting a kicker with some buddies after some heavy snow-fall. It was a real butt-clincher, but it was pretty fun. We kept hitting it bigger and bigger until about noon when I decided to go H-U-G-E and flew out past all the bomb-holes. I landed in some heavy Pow and Double-E'd out of both skis. Jumped up, cleared my goggles, put my hands in the air and grabbed my skis... only to find that I had ripped both heel-pieces out of my BRAND NEW Black Smokes. (I was all "Waaaaaah!", and my buds were like "Oh Dude!", and I was going "Nooooooo!", and they were all "Ha Ha!", and I was like "Shut Up!")


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Thanks to Dberdinka, this should help clear things up about the 'ALL YOUR BASE' thing: All Your Base link
And now, back to our previously scheduled program....
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After checking to the "allourbases" website. (Is this a Dr.Go sponsored site?) I had an overwhelming urge to open a beer and check my navel fluff for aliens.

Okay here is my allyourbasesbelongtous story.

Hukaba Japan. 8 Nittadia (Nippon No.1 Sports University) students and Oz. After thrashing them off piste (easy because they do not ski off piste in Japan) the next stop was the big spring bumps. In the bumps, I was getting absolutely flogged by two guys in particular. Turned out they where Nippon Freestyle Development Team. I was skiing Volk 203 P9 slalom skis. After half a dozen straight runs I moved them on to long fast turns down the bump run. As the instructor I had to think of something! Halfway down last long turn bump run I waved the team in behind me, dropped into a tight tuck and ran for the flat bottom and the lift. The snow at the runout was 8 inches of heavy wet beanbag type spring glug. Little did Oz know that on the last run one of his skis had bent between the toe piece and the tip. Holding a tuck with 8 Nippon ski rats close in behind me (and Japanese skiers will follow you anywhere) I hit the sludge. Well the bent ski rode up to the top of the soup, caught a sludge pile and my left leg started to go … out. Out to the left in a big slow way. As the bent ski went out the bent tip formed a tractor blade against the sludge and started to slowly spin my CM to the left. Little did I know that behind me 8 of my illustrious companions had followed my lead and were also attempting some left ski ballet? Ha ... corn sludge going everywhere into my face, CM on a slow left oblivion spiral and the mind wanting to hang on to the right tracking ski to “save face”. No way, I was spun slowly to the left on the tracking right ski, covering the guy behind me with wet sludge and finally ended up sliding backwards (and bean bag corn does not slow you down) watching my 8 Nippon ski team skiers go left right and everywhere trying to avoid the carnage.

We drank lots of Saki and Suntori whiskey that night and my bent Volkl went everywhere the team did. Last I remember it was being nailed to the wall of a “whiskey” bar in Tsugaike. It may still be there!!

In skiing you do not need a slow motion button. The whole sport is one big “blooper”.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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