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New Salomon line-up questions

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I'm wondering if anyone knows whether the ski shops will be renting out the new Gun (the '05-'06 Gun Lab) or the Foil. For the last several years all the tourists renting skis have ben on PR's and last years Guns and i'm wondering what the plan is for the upsoming season in regard to rental fodder.

Also - is the '06-'07 Gun exactly the same as last year's Gun Lab? I rode the Gun Lab last year and loved it. I had a pair of Diamir Freeride bindings on them last year and this year i'd like to pick up another pair of the same ski and put some burlier alpine bindings on 'em. I'm huge fan of the Daimirs but i'd like something a bit tougher on those skis.

One more: Does anyone know if anything new is coming out of the Lab this year? Maybe something even bigger than 101 underfoot?
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Sandstorm is coming out.
The biggest gun is the gun lab, the others are like this years gun.

I don't understand the first question... Shops will demo almost anything and who knows what they will have in a rental fleet.
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Shops won't always demo everything. I could not find anyone who would let me demo a Top Fuel at Vail or Beaver Creek. I was not happy....
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this years teneighty range have wood cores. Different radius on this years gun (07). I doubt many shops rent out the GUN Lab their like $1200. Gun yes, $500-600. They are 2 completely different skis.
I have been looking at next years gun its either that or a k2 seth vicious for me.
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From what i've read, last year's 'Gun Lab' will be this year's 'Gun' - i've seen it, its blue like last year's, but with a whole bunch of scribble-art writting on it - like the new white Foils. The '05-'06 Gun Lab retailed at $1150 and the '06-'07 Gun is supposed to retail for around $700 - but its the same ski. Check out this link: http://www.untracked.com/highlight-176595.html

I skiied the Gun Lab all season last year and it was amazing. Its nothing like the old PR (or last year's Guns) - not nearly as floppy, and it turns just as well, if not better than the PR's even though its 11mm wider underfoot. It can haul too - the PR's used to get pretty chattery at higher speeds. And the newer spaceframe design that runs along the sides instead of right up the middle make the tips a lot more stable - the old PR's used to get tossed around in anything heavy or inconsistent, So what i'm saying is that this ski is the best ski around at that size - definately better than the Seth Vicious that will noodle out on you by the end of the season.

Someone said that this year's salomon line up was all wood cores - where'd you read that?
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Check out Als ski barn
Salomon Teneighty (1080) Gun Lab Skis
Dimension: 135-101-126


Next years GUN does look similar but it does have narrower dimensions. Very few people can afford the GUN lab which is hand made in their racing factory I think.

LAst years GUN dimensions
Dimensions: 122-90-115

Next Years Gun
18.6m @ 174cm - 130-96-124

Still has the ISocell core I was wrong. It aint wood.

Next years foil Dimensions
124-85-114 @ 174cm
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Take a look at the original site i posted again and look at the dimensions for the '07 Gun 188: http://www.untracked.com/highlight-176595.html
22.2m @ 188cm - 135-101-126
Its the same ski as the '06 Gun Lab.The '06('05-'06) Gun Lab will be the '07('06-'07) Gun. The dimensions are the same at the 188cm size. It just looks like they're making it in several sizes rather than last year's Gun Lab only coming in one size(188cm). The smaller size (
18.6m @ 174cm - 130-96-124) that you posted was in the 174cm length. Same ski - varrying sizes now that its apparently in full-on production, as opposed to the '06 Gun Lab that was made only in the 'Race Room' that all the Lab stuff comes out of.

I think the idea was to put the ski out in limited release to get a buzz going about the new ski - after all last year''s Gun was just the old PR with a new topsheet. The funny thing is that while looking through last season's ski magazines I noticed that for all the ads which where supposed to be advertising the '06 Gun(old PR's) what was shown in the picture was the Lab with the same base as the '06 Gun. So apparently all the pros were really riding the Lab but Salomon was trying to pawn the PR off for another year - though that new graphic was really tricky...
Of course i'm not positive about this conspiracy, but if you look at the shape of those skis in the ads - they look a lot more like the Labs than the PR's. Sneaky.

Despite all that, the ski is awesome. I love it with all my aching-for-the-next-season-heart.

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Personally I'm looking towards the scott p4 for a powder ski to complement my seths. too much overlap if I had both. Suprised they haven't gone bigger than 188, surely a 193 would have been possible. Are the shortest lengths really that popular, necessary.
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