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Cat Name Generator

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We just picked simple names for the beasts.

The grey cat got named Grey-C

Black with white boots .. Boot-C
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Is that like the 2 guys who worked with Jeff named Jose?
One was Jose, and the other was called Hose B.
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We never had trouble naming our cats.

Once the whole litter was named after Gilligans Island characters. 14yrs later we still have Gilligan, a female. We call her momma Gil.
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Originally Posted by Yuki
.. Boot-C
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"C" was just for .... cat ...

I didn't want to keep them since they were a litter from a stray under our porch and our dog had just died a few weeks before so I tried to keep the "names" a bit impersonal.

Stray cats are a big problem around here. As the farmers sell to the developers, they just move out and when the barns come down there are hundreds of stray cats on the move with no where to go.

A friend who moved to Maryland had over a hundred cats in his two dairy barns. :

I should rename then Pol Pot and Saddam. My garage and porch are littered with bodies and it looks like the killing fields some days. The worst to deal with are the bunnie wabbits. It seems they have the habit of wounding the wabbitt in one leg and then saving it for a tasty snack for later. I love to come home to a three legged wabbitt hippity hopping around the garage.

In case any of you need to know, I have devised a "killing machine" of my own to put the "victims" out of their misery. A gas chamber ... a large can with a sealed lid, a rag that gets saturated with auto starting fluid and dropped in (ether) .... at least it just puts them to sleep.
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Another Boot-c (Bootsy) with white boots...........

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Speechless ... almost ... why is he wearing a black apron?
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Originally Posted by T-Square
That was good. I hate cats. I can tolerate kittens for about 3 minutes, then I'm done. Of what I saw on the name generator, my favorites were Lunchmeat and DumbAssedCat.
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I think that's his shirt, not an apron.

I hate dogs.....they smell when they're wet.
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