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Riser Plates

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What is the best for SL racing? I do not care about the 55mm rule because we do not use it. Also is anyone have an extra that they are willing to sell for under $50?

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A few months ago, REI had riser plates for 65 cents (pair), on clearance. Not kidding. They only worked with one particular make of binding though. Forgot which. Said they were so cheap because now the manufacturer includes them with all bindings.
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Oh, I forgot! The plate has to work with look bindinds.
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That riser plate was probably the marker EPS3 plate. I saw them very cheap all season at various stores, but one, i dont use marker and two its not a true race lifter...
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I need some suggestions for Plates! Anyone have an extra the I could get for cheap $?
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What do you mean you don't care about the 55mm max. hieght rule? Your 15, that makes you a JII. Your looking for slalom skis/plates/gear,what ever, that must make you an alpine racer. If you are competing in USSA or FIS sanctioned races you better abide by the 55mm rule. You also better make sure that your skis make the correct arc for the event, ie. 22meters for GS etc... These rules have been put in place for a good reason, your saftey.

If you are racing in a high school leauge, they may not have a max on risers. But I know most high school alpine events follow USSA guild lines. :

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To get lifters , more info is needed since look made several lifters that fit different models-what model of binding do you have ? Also would like to find out about thoes cheap eps 3 lifters --it is the eps 2 that should be cheap since Marker is still selling bindings that need or could benifit from a lifter.
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I am looking at buying the rossignol race 100/120 bindings which are the same as the look's.
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If youre getting rossi bindings you should find the new pps plate someplace that sint mounted to a pair of skis. It is an excellent plate for any pair of skis, and next season most all higher end rossi skis will have a variation of this plate on them. It take very aggressive skiing to bend it though, so i hope youre rather proficient in your slalom technique.
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DONDA, as for the lifters, i saw them for $15 at Galyan's at the Galleria Mall in Buffalo. I'm not sure where you are located but they may still be able to sell them. They were eps3 lidters though... iw oudla gotten some but i woudlnt be caught dead on a marker that i paid $$ for.
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This will be my 2 year of racing and I am training this summer so I can develop a technique because I never raced slalom. So the pps our the only plates and will work on the Elan's? Where can I buy them?

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I dont have the slightest clue where to buy the pps plate. I know several good shops that sell rossi and several reps for rossi... so if i were you id go to a shop close by that sells rossi race skis. They could either sell you a set of plates of hook you up with a rep that could get them for you. thats about all the advice i can offer on this one.
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I only care about getting a good bindings such ast the rossi's at a good price. My team doesn't get anydiscounts and as a high school student each $1 adds up. So can you list the bindings and plates of each manufacture? I do not want to spend over $100 on the plate and bindings.
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The local shops only carry Atomic's race stuff. Could you email one of the reps or provide me with his/her email to see if they have any used or leftovers?
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I dont have any of the contact info for rossi reps. I dont deal with rossi at all... so id call rossignol and ask for a rep's name or ask if its possible to get a pps plate. Once the season begins i know of a few rossi reps that are involved with the greek peak race program but i dont know how to get ahold of them in the off season.
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Is there any other race bindings that I can get at a good price?
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I have some used Atomic 1018's that you can have cheap. Problem is that the lowest DIN setting is 10, so make sure that will work before you go any further.
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Hi NeedBB--

I have a few pairs of the Elan riser plates from a couple seasons ago--the big 20 mmm ones they used to mount on the HyperCarve. Last season (2000-01) they put a smaller plate on the HyperCarve, because, I think, the big ones were scaring people away. This year they were back to big plates, although they modified them somewhat.

In any case, when I heard that they were discontinuing the big plates, I called Elan and they sent me a whole bunch of them. I still have a few left, and would be glad to get you a set--how does $25 sound? Big, thick, and rubber-based, they are NOT really race plates, especially for slalom. They are meant to be very damp and flexible, for deeply carved turns on skis with lots of sidecut (the HyperCarve). But they would work. PM me if you're interested!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Come to think of it, I also have a set of the thinner plates from the 2000-01 HyperCarves--might suit your needs better. Let me know....

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