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I bring a knife so I can cut my leg off if I'm alone and upside down in a tree well. It's also handy for cutting the big P-tex gouges out of my skis after going through the rocks.

Kima, pitchers of margaritas at the Minturn Saloon after skiing the mile. Brings back fond memories.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DangerousBrian:
Vanessa is one of those delightful British daytime chatshow presenters (Jerry Springer type) ...... that really gets on your bloody nerves.

uuhhh...how many schnapps does it take before SHE looks good??
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Don't forget your huck doll!
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I bring a CD player or walkman and something to read - a way of jinxing lift breakdowns! [img]smile.gif[/img] And a few clif bars and a thermos - contents depend on the mood of the day! To make it even stranger, occasionally I'll switch the Clif bars to Powerbar Harvest or one of the newer Powerbar lines...
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The two coolest luxury items I pack are extra cocoa cards - has the skier’s code and gets you a free beverage at the lodge. This year, I’m also packing some of kneedropper’s BAD KARMA stickers.

Both are good icebreakers for that kid/player-hater interaction……
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At least one good excuse...

If I'm on the mountain during a work day and the boss calls my cell...

Boss: Where are you?
Pin: On Union Peak, 'cause the antenna at Motel 6 (patrol shack) is off alignment. Ooops, I can't hear you... Bad cell r*cept*on... I'll c*ll yo* ba*k...
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Matteo, I am still trying to figure out the nightgown :

SkiCrazy how did the team do. I hope they get free margs at least!
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They won one. They are also known as "The Jello Shot Team".

Yes, there were MANY pitchers....

. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Matteo said <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>The Cellular phone is not considered weird here in Italy, everyone has it, and carries it everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I mean it. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Certainly that was our experience when skiing in the Dolomites. At one stage we were in a jam-packed 150 person cable car hanging off one of the typical sheer rock faces, and a cell phone rang, As the poor guy went to answer, 149 others called out in unison "pronto!" (hello).

Sitting on my desk at the moment is a photo of my partner in the Dolomites and in the background is a guy using a cellphone! As Matteo says they're everywhere.
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Kima, I took your question literally...
I was wearing the nightgown while skiing.
In my defence, I must add
1 It was Carnival
2 I was wearing my complete skiing onepiece underneath
I'll try to scan the pic...

Which 150 places gondola?
At Cortina or La Villa?
My last visit there was in 1997, I still
cry at the thought...
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Do Matteo, I am sure we would all like to see it. Now do you bring it with you all the time?
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Kima, here we go...
Well the image is old (I was 19 then)
and the scanner quality is not the best...
but you can make out the gown...
BTW I'm the one with the white one...
a man's nightgown...

Matteo [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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BTW No, I do not bring it with me anymore...
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Can't remember whether it was the Gondola up from Campitello (Val di Fassa) or the one from the other side of the Sella. Can't remember the name of the town but there are two gondolas side by side up to the top of the runs east of Belvedere.

BTW I share your enthusiasm for the FIS run at La Villa. We did a day of over 100km round trip from Campitello north to Santa Croce and return. Two of us and a guide and high speed crusing all day. The only run which we repeated was the La Villa run because it was still early, the snow was excellent and there were hardly any other skiers around. One of our lasting memories of the Dolomites, along with the Fischburg Castle in the trees (near Selva?) and of course, Rifugio Larguzoi.

Can't wait to get back, but at present it will have to wait until after our 2002 Canadian trip.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LindaA:
"harvest" Power Bars. Many. I live on a steady diet of them from november to may, and there is one in every pockt of my jacket.

funny thing is I hate them, and can only eat them when they are half-frozen. but I keep buying them....

and a bottle of gatorade.

Linda: Were not as steep or as fast but if you have an interest in teaching diabled people to ski along with the most enthusiastic, energetic, fun loving group of instructors you'll ever meet, then join us for orientation on October 20th at the Govenor's Lodge at Loon Mt. at 9:00 am for an overview.To be a coach you must be at least a level 6 skier, ie- ski parallel turns with complementary pole touch and simultaneous turn entry. Based on your profile I'm assuming that your way beyond our starting point to be a coach. If you're interested then E-mail Leslie Ramsay at:unruly50@yahoo.com Leslie is the program's administrator. PS: At least half of our coaches are tech engineers. I'm the tech director.Welcome. WHTMT
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wow. I appreciat the info, whtmt, I think its definetly worth looking into, and I will.

The only problem I forsee is my scheduel. I have two kids of my own, being a single mom with a career that also demands your time can get hairy.

but I will look into it, for sure, i am MOST interested....

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Nothing strange at our ski mountain.
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Slider is that a recent picture of Bin Laden at Hintertux?
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Actually no, that man is a disgruntled computer tech. for Boeing. Here is a resume photo of him.
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