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Filing edges

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I don't know if it's just me but when I file my edges I have to push quite hard on the edge to get the edge to look new again. How hard shoud I be pushing on the edge?
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Not very hard. The file should do most of the work, not the pressure of your hand. Is your file sharp? Are you using proper tuning technique?
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What angle is the file set in the guide?
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Make sure that you remove any burrs with a coarse diamond stone before filing. The burrs become harder than the surrounding edge because of the heat generated at the instant of contact with the rock or whatever. They are often too hard deal with effectively using a file.

Also, use a quality file. Many hardware store files don't do well on skis nor are they uniformly flat. The steel edges used by many ski manufacturers are just too hard. A ski specific file like Swix or a quality file like Sandvik and such should do the job just fine. However, even the best files wear out.

You should only need to pull toward your body starting at the ski tip with smooth strokes for a good file to do it's job. See the "sticky" posted at the top of this forum for further pointers on edge tuning.

Good luck.
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Also: make sure you're going the right direction. Tang follows.

I agree with the others above:

- Sharp file, right type, going right direction/angle = don't have to push on it very hard at all, and it'll cut quite a little pile of shavings.

- Anything else = have to push it really hard, and it might still not do much.
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