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Any Bears going?
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I wish!
Summer schedule packed with too much excitement!
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I got a room at Super 8 in downtown Indianapolis for $143.
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First lap crash. UGLY!
Might I add...........Poor Kimi!
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I was right above it in turn 3. I was watching Michael fend off a challenge by Alonso when I caught Heidfeldt's car cartwheeling without it's wheels in the top of my vision. The people arond me didn't notice until I shouted. It seemed like eternity before I saw the steering wheel land on the cowl of the car signalling he was OK and getting out.
Video review when I got home showed two separate accidents. The first actually happened at the very back and took out Klein and the Super Aguris. Sato made one of his Kamikazi moves inside of Klein. Next JP hit Kimi as he looked to his right to avoid Button who was crowding him. At the same time, Nick's left rear went over the top of Jenson's right front sending him into the air . Scott Speed almost made it around until JP spun in front of him.
When Fisi blew by Alonso I thought possibly Fernando was in trouble but he picked it up right away and continued.
TV didn't cover a couple other good spots. One was when DC moved into the points coming out of the pits on his last stop. Also somewhere Luzzi made a pass to get to the points as well.
TV also missed the action in the last round of qualifying. That was the most on-track passing I think I've ever seen in F-1. They did show the drag race out of the pits but missed Michael and Phillipe dueling with Alanso and Fisi for the front positions. Fisi also put a pass on Fernando. All of this was happening as the cars hit 200mph then braked for turn one.
All in all a great weekend, for a "tifosi" at least
I left a "Ferrari message" on Lucky's cell phone as Phillipe led Michael past me on a bout lap10.
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you are one lucky dog!
But then I have had a full weekend of fun!
Any chance you got pics to share?
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Sorry, I didn't take any. I'm not much for lugging a camera around.
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