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Lost New Mexico Ski Areas

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Hi everyone,

I just finished working on a lost New Mexico ski area webpage. For those interested, I have information on Ski Rio, Powder Puff, Sugarite, Raton and more.


If anyone can contribute information or memories of these old places be sure to contact us.

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Awwww. I didn't know Ski Rio was closed. That's a bummer. I heard a lot of positive things about it over the years.
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Any news on Ski Rio or Cucharra opening any time soon?
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btw, Cucharra was in Colorado.
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Cool. Good Job but it never ends. See if you can link up with www.nelsap.org
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I've seen the Colorado page before...nice that you have added NM areas.
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Originally Posted by marcus_petreius
Any news on Ski Rio or Cucharra opening any time soon?
Cuchara is probably closed for good. The USFS released a final report in 2003 which kinda speaks for itself. Here is a link: http://coloradoskihistory.com/lost/cucharaneeds.pdf

Although, if the lifts are still in there is always a chance!

As for ski rio, the caretakers were telling me the ski area is currently caught up in the court system, with different creditors and owners suing for ownership. We might see Rio again one day, but not for the next couple of seasons. The two Poma triple chairs at Rio still run for maintenance purposes.
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Well, that's too bad about Cucharra and that 2003 report is very depressing as a whole. Hopefully Rio can make a comeback but I think it will be difficult if the climate keeps warming. Well, at least we still have a bunch of places still going, just none in SE Colorado!
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