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Ted Ligety Ski Canting

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Hey All,
Does anyone know how much wc racers like ted, bode etc are canted, 1,2 degrees out maybe? Any information regarding canting will be greatly apreciated.
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Ummm.....this will vary from skier to skier depending on their alignment, equipment, discipline etc.....no one answer.
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Originally Posted by esky
Hey All,
Does anyone know how much wc racers like ted, bode etc are canted, 1,2 degrees out maybe? Any information regarding canting will be greatly apreciated.Esky
Esky, I was told recently by a coach that a number of WC slalom skiers, once their boots have been aligned & balanced, often have additional sole planning work done to aid an 'O frame' stance. I assume that is what you mean?

Unfortunately the coach who told me this did not indicate by how much.
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Many of them constantly tune their boots, but many also ski their boots flat.

As has been noted elsewhere on Epic, WC skiers will often improve their performance with changes, but decide it doesn't "feel right". And, they are far more able to overcome the compensation requirements than less well-tuned athletes like most of us...

Also, according to a former WC boot tech that gave a presentation I attended recently, they often have their different boots tweaked differently for the different events, and most have at least 3 pair of boots. An O-stance (thanks, spyderjon!) for slalom, and flat or a bit in for speed events.

But, to be clear, it's very, very individual at that level. Similar to Tiger Woods being able to tell a gram or so difference in the weight of a golf club.
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Thanks alot, another question, would it be better to do the canting by changing the angle of the bottom of your boot, or simply putting canting underneath your bindings.
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Provided the planing was done right (ie the top was built up to compensate the grind) it won't matter from a performance perspective.....however, if you use wedges under the bindings then you will end up with a true left and right ski, further you will have to do it to all of you skis....this may or may not be an issue for you, but somthing to consider.

If you do your boots...one hit, and done....but it costs alot more.
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I much prefer doing it to my boots. Once for all.
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Whenever I hear Ligety's name...I think if Quagmire from "The Family Guy"
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Gigity gigity gooooo!
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Plus, under-binding canting makes pre-releases more likely, by converting a straight vertical shock into a lateral one. If the angle is small, it doesn't matter a lot, though.
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Canting is more art then science and the desired result may not be what you expect. jJst realize planing your bootsoles is a fairly permanent operation. It can be reversed or changed by is difficult at best. Also building the sole back up is a little sketchy. It is difficult to have the material adhere to the top of the boot lugs and since it is constantly put in & out of your bindings, it takes a beating and can easily chip off

A better solution if you happen to ski in an Atomic with removable lugs or a Lange is to use one of their factory supplied cant kits. It may even be worth changing boots for. Both of the kits are inexpensive and can be easily changed but only come in a 1.5 degree for the LANGE and I believe 1 (might be 1.5) degree for the Atomics. The Atomic part # is Z750908 and only works on the "Tri-tech boots. I have used both applications The system work differently but provide the same result.

The Atomics uses a shim which is essentially two washers connected by a plastic strip. It is one piece and is placed between the boot shell and both the toe & heel lug over the screws that hold the lugs to the shell bottom.

The Langes comp botts (replacable toe & heel lugs) actually have the angle built into an alternate set of toe and heel lugs that you can order. .

The advantage of the Atomic system over the Lange is you can easily cant one boot outside thick and the other inside thick. With Lange in order to do this 'if needed" of course you would have to purchase two complete sets of canted toe & heel lugs. It is also possible to use two Atomic shims at once doubling the amount of cant.
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Or just play with a lot of duct tape until you're sure what you like best...
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Originally Posted by ssh
Or just play with a lot of duct tape until you're sure what you like best...

although i did exactly that on my X2's and thought i had it dialed. Planed and then had it ripped all apart and went back to flat which was not godd but it was better then anything else I tried. part of the the problem for me with the X2 is there is no cuff adjustment which just compounds my alignment issues!
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