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I'm relatively new to Epicski. I've noticed
that everyone who posts is catagorized as a
type of member (supreme big mountain, black
diamond, double black diamond, etc). What exactly does the membership designation mean,
who decides and how?
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welcome, Sitzmark, good to have another voice in the mix.
simply, to answer your question, just the number of posts one has made, which is shown when you go to someone's PROFILE, listed with each post.
some bears DO bark louder'n others, by the way. you'll find that out in due time.

been lurking awhile? howdja come across the site?<FONT size="1">

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I found my way here by seeing this place repeatedly mentioned on Joan Rostaad's Hyperchange Cafe site. Some pretty interesting stuff for this old powder dog!
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Is a Sitzmark what you get in your undies if you don't dry off well after a sitzbath?
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Even though this "Sitzmark" has, in deed,
been in a few undies..........I think what you are referring to is "skid mark" which
is that kind of brownish green streak found in most snowboarder's drawers.
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Yer gonna fit in just fine.
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And at our get togethers - there is a certain amount of chanting and dancing around fires. And if you make it into the higher ranks you'll need to invest in a black cloak and a few other things.
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No no.
It's all about two things:
The Gang and The Movement.
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Hey, I just got this awesome black velvet cape!
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I know it's gonna be real hard but try to contain yourself. When you are only a few posts away from being a "grand & exhalted poo bear", a little voice way down deep inside of you will say......

"I just gotta know what color ski socks everyone prefers. I kinda like plaid!"

Don't do it. Not even Pierre eh! stooped that low on his way the becoming "king of the hill".
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"Secret Handshake", "xenophobic", "chanting
around camp fires", "black cloaks"..........
sounds like when I used to belong to PSIA?

Once at a certain mountain in Montana I met
a local "wild flower" that sure did look
something like a bear at post beer-thirty
next morning wake-up? Ever happen to any of
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Yeah, but anytime you get some stank on your hang low, it's good.
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