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Verdi Peak TR. (NSR)

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I set out this morning to do some touring but upon reaching the Top of Mt. Rose HWY I decided NAW I Drove down to Incline over to Truckee and down HWY 80 towards home (Verdi)
On the way I get this great idea! I will Drive back roads to Verdi via Boca Dam.
So off I go leaving the pavement of Boca/ Stampede road with Skis and AT in the back2
about Three Miles in it starts to get a bit rough

And then it get rough and tight Should I? **** ya!

I stop to take in the Veiw Its purdy up here.

Lets see ya get your Subie down this!

Checking for clearance (I made it and back)

Minor obstical in the road.

The alternate route.

Now its getting REAL ROUGH.

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TR Verdi Peak Part 2

I made it! Verdi Look out tower from the end of the road.

View out the window (End of the Road)

View of Mt. Rose From Verdi Peak (See all those cool lines)

Sage ond Snow drifts on the way down.

A nice view of Stampede Dam from the Back of Verdi Peak.

No sking today. But a trip to the Car was may be in-order
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MTT you are insane. But I knew you'd get out safely, cause I saw your trip report posted here.:

And that's no road for the Subie or the Murano.
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.. Yea it was fun. You can't stop and take a picture of every bend in the road. Mud holes, creek beds, snow drifts, steeps up/down. I should not have gone in that far alone, but hey it was an adventure.

So many obscure roads to nowhere up there.
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