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Sport Express?

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I heard this nasty rumor that some airlines may start charging for extra baggage. The rules seem to be pretty vague, but it may mean that you will be charged for bringing your skis.
I just recieved a letter from Delta, saying that they will give a $5 discount {big deal : } if you use Sport Express to ship your equipment. With rates like $47 one way pre discount from Brookline to Midvale {includes door to door delivery} its hardly cheap, but if the airline will charge close to that amount, and possibly lose your equipment, it may be a good idea.

Has anyone used them?
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Last year I went to Boston for a sales meeting. I was stopping off in Aspen on the way back. I didn't want to carry gear around Boston so I used Sports Express to the Hotel. It worked great. When I arrived my gear was waiting for me. I only used them one way because of my travel schedule. The airline did not charge me extra for the ski bag.
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Thanks! We did not get charged last year, either. But this year, the airlines are supposedly doing a major cost cutting thing, so who knows? The problem is that these charges are sometimes random, depending which agent is at the gate on a particular day! :
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